MRs: Low gas prices; Dem debate fallout; Clarkston is a ‘terrorist destination’

Clinton aid stammers to defend Hillary’s Trump statement
Gas falls to $2 a gallon
Five takeaways from the Democratic debate
Cruz riles up Savannah supporters
Analyzing Gov. Deal’s school opportunity zone
Carter announces death of 28-year-old grandson
DeKalb city named a terrorist destination
EPA reverses decision on Georgia pipeline
First Web page went live 25 years ago


  1. Noway says:

    Getting our priorities right this morning and to quote the late, great Gordon Solie, pandemonium and bedlam broke out here in Bogota last night when Miss Universe host Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner. Harvey initially announced that Miss Colombia won the pageant when in reality the winner was Miss Philippines! To make matters worse he went to Twitter and apologized, misspelling both Colombia and Philippines! Social media exploded here, making emotional threats on Harvey’s life, saying it was Trump’s revenge, saying that the pageant itself would be sued and all manner of comments on Harvey’s heritage. As of this morning, this is all that is being discussed! Lord!!

  2. Will Durant says:

    Seems longer than 25 years since we were limited to ASCII text and green screens. Thanks to Lotus 1-2-3 and the cartoons for management it generated we had even created a “business need” for color monitors to welcome the web when it did arrive.

  3. Baker says:

    Lindsey Graham drops out. And, as slim as it was, with that goes any hope of ever hearing about Simpson-Bowles again. If you are able to “pop your bubble” for just a second, you would realize that was the best chance we really had of both parties agreeing on anything that would resemble some level of financial sanity for the country. Obama commissioned it and then when they came out with their report he dropped it like a hot potato. The fact that Republicans didn’t pounce all over that and demand Simpson-Bowles shows results are not necessarily what the parties, or voters, are looking for.

    But by all means, nominate a billionaire buffoon who will get slaughtered by the worst Democrat candidate possibly of my lifetime, I’m 33 now, because he “tells it like it is” or whatever nonsense people are using to rationalize supporting a grotesque caricature of what a Republican or a “Real American” actually is.–would-pursue-simpson-bowles-plan/71575292/

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