A Festivus Greeting

Dear Friends,

Happy Festivus! As is Peach Pundit tradition, thanks to Charlie, I greet you this morning to mark this glorious holiday of complaints and brute strength. This year, however, we have more reason to celebrate since Festivus has arrived at the Gold Dome in a fabulous array of colors.

And so, from my home to yours, and my Twitter account to yours, I wish your aluminum poles rise high, your feats of strength robust, and your grievances aired- but few.

Enjoy the day and relish in the good natured humor that is sure to follow.

Yours in the Human Fund,



  1. Feeling the Bern says:

    Your rationale and humanist mockery of Our Collective Precious Savior’s day of birth,who may or may not have been the ACTUAL date, is triggering my Holy Ghosts. All mah ghosts are triggered!

    Festivus: also colloquially known as Our Holy Mother’s Day of Nervous DivineSplaining.

    Happy Holiday’s, all y’all. Especially the few playoff teams left on PP2 FF. What a tough and tight season, huh? Our Lady of Perpetual ACLs has been busy!

  2. benevolus says:

    We let me go ahead and get the obvious out of the way: No way to see recent comments and no editing!! Grrr!

    Happy Festivus.

    P.S. In Britain, can it really be a Festivus Pole if it’s made of aluminium?

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