Morning Reads with More of Ed’s Music

This really is my favorite time of year. I hope you appreciate it through song.

Reflecting on the passing of Uga IX, we should be focusing on how it is unethical to continue breeding English Bulldogs as we do now and how UGA could be a world leader in canine health in adopting a new mascot rather than endless platitudes to some dog none of us has ever met.

  1. WSB/AJC find 49% of Georgians killed by cops were either shot in the back or unarmed. 
  2. Great job, guys.
  3. “Christmas Tears” by Frankie Vallie & The Four Seasons. 
  4. Georgia Democrats’ inability to recruit a strong challenger against Isakson gets national attention. 
  5. “Aleluya” by Rafael Solano y su Orquestra.
  6. MARTA CEO brags on having one of the country’s “smartest restrooms”, saving the agency from bankruptcy, its future growth etc. 
  7. “It’s Official: The Bush Tax Plan Loses Trillions and Worsens Inequality.”
  8. I don’t write the headlines or the facts, ma’am.
  9. Second Year Second Chance for Atlanta’s Purple Boondoggle Streetcar. And they’re going to make it worse.
  10. OK, maybe I tinkered with that headline a tad.
  11. Hartsfield could have 100 million passengers this year–the first airport to ever do so. 
  12. The 99,999,999th passenger is gonna be so bummed.
  13. How the Johns Creek PD is leading the fight against swatting. 
  14. “Christmas Auld Lang Syne” by Bobby Darin. (Dude was seriously underrated). 


  1. xdog says:

    Your Darin link triggered a couple of unconnected memories.

    First was the movie Captain Newman, M.D. Bobby plays a shell-shocked soldier who kills himself in the end but the high-point was the Tony Curtis character teaching a group of Italian POWs to perform Hava Nagilah at the hospital’s Christmas show.

    Second was a Gamble Rogers show a lifetime ago. Gamble was having trouble tuning his guitar, asked his piano player for a D and got the response ‘Sandra’.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    Heretofore I’ve derided the streetcar as an amusement.

    Now the figures do it: 900,000 free rides for $4.7M, exclusive of capital cost. Assuming 800,000 in fares next year when a $1 fare become effective results in a 17% farebox recovery ratio. For context, 50% recovery is a decent standard.

    Sure there would be significant economy of scale and increased ridership with a broader system, but as of now wouldn’t be enough. Carry on Atlanta if you want to, but do so without MARTA dollars.

    • Will Durant says:

      As long as the streetcars share the road and right-of-way with other vehicles they are nothing more than glorified buses without any route flexibility. Besides Siemens I wonder who else received a boon from this boondoggle.

    • Ed says:

      Part of the problem is that MARTA isn’t running the Streetcar. Atlanta showed they have no ability to run a transportation system and thankfully they realized that too.

      The $1 ticket will be enough to deter ridership. If you’re at a hotel and want to go somewhere with your family why pay $5 a pop for your group or just get an Uber for $5-6 or walk or do anything else? If it could be linked to the Breeze Card that would be a better way to run it, have a flat fare for all systems for one day of travel, or even just deduct part of your balance… Really anything other than a separate $1 transaction that doesn’t even cover the per-ridership cost of the streetcar.

  3. Trey A. says:

    Read the AJC story on Sunday. Just mind-boggling and tragic.

    Somewhat related: Is it just me, or does the AJC’s “How we got the story” section drive other people nuts, too? They now break out a “How we got the story” for all of their investigative pieces, and in the case of the article linked today, the actual story itself is full of self-referential jargon.

    It’s like they’re screaming, “We actually do our jobs.” When the real “How we got the story” is the fact that they and other journalists ignored this epidemic of police violence for five years and now they’re finally doing their jobs as the 4th estate.

    I don’t care how you got the story. You’re supposed to get the story. That’s what you’re paid to do. I don’t expect a meal I order at a restaurant to come with the recipe.

  4. benevolus says:

    I agree, Darin was underrated. And from what I understand, he would have agreed!

    Speaking of Frankie Valli, I always disliked that song “Oh What A Night” because of how disrespectful it was like “I didn’t even know her name”. But then I saw Jersey Boys and they said it was about a hooker they got for the songwriter because he was a virgin at the time. So now that song makes sense.

  5. saltycracker says:

    Police shootings in the back: a chase by a cop is on, resistance is clear, a fight ensues with the cop, the perp flees and is shot. The attorney says “I don’t see the threat”. That is nuts unless the cop is clairvoyant.

    We give our trained police full discretion in emergency decisions to protect the public. An investigation follows to assure that trust and confidence is maintained.

    Resisting, failing to comply and running away demands a spot judgement. Take that chance in a situation gone violent and odds are the cop will stop you by any means necessary, and should.

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