How Conservative Does A Latino Need To Be?

DeKalb State Court Judge Dax Lopez’s nomination to the federal bench is being held up, according to Daniel Malloy in the AJC, because US Senator David Perdue, who sits on the Judiciary Committee, believes that the opinions of convicted felon DA King and professional huckster Phil Kent carry more weight than those of genuine, long-time conservatives. Lopez, by all accounts a sharp attorney with a fine legal mind, once sat on the Board of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials, an organization that doesn’t support rounding up all illegal immigrants and sending them home.

While GALEO has opposed immigration restrictions and advocated for a path to citizenship, Lopez “abstained from GALEO’s policy votes and fundraising,” and resigned entirely once he was nominated to the federal bench.

From Malloy: “The judge is a Republican and a member of the conservative Federalist Society. He volunteered for Bob Barr’s successful run for Congress as a Republican in 1994. Lopez was first appointed to the Georgia bench by David Perdue’s cousin. (That would be Governor Sonny Perdue, a Republican.) And the counsel for Perdue’s Senate campaign, Josh Belinfante, served on the panel convened by the senators to vet potential nominees that sent Lopez’s name to the White House.”

That sounds like exactly the kind of conservative an organization like GALEO needs to be effective or credible. They should recruit a dozen more like Judge Lopez to their board. But GALEO isn’t Lopez. And Lopez ain’t GALEO.

Dax Lopez was born in Puerto Rico, grew up in Cobb County and graduated fourth in his class at McEachern High school in Powder Springs. He graduated from Vanderbilt and Vanderbilt Law School, where he served as president of the Vanderbilt Bar Association and as an editor on a legal journal. He clerked for a federal judge appointed by Ronald Reagan.

He’s earned the respect of fellow conservative lawyers such as Frank Strickland, Ann Lewis, Ed Lindsey, and Robert Highsmith, among other conservative Georgians who signed this letter supporting his nomination, noting: “As conservatives, we recognize that the constitutional obligation of a judge is to decide cases based on the text of the law and not policy preferences. We know that Judge Lopez views the law the same way, and he would be a great asset to the court.”

The fact is, Lopez would be a great asset to the federal court. He’s exactly the kind of conservative Georgians should want to become federal judges.

If the Republican party has any future at all, it has to become better at persuading voters who aren’t old, white and angry to vote for their candidates. Playing political games with the nomination of a respected judge, accomplished attorney and genuine conservative begins to look a lot like bigotry. And if conservativism is to survive as a movement, we will need elected officials to understand that cash and carry conservatives who gin up and then exploit issues for ratings, clicks and consulting fees aren’t in it for the good of the party, the movement -or even the elected officials who would do their bidding.



  1. gcp says:

    GALEO wants citizenship for illegals and more expensive immigration policies. As a federal judge Lopez could potentially rule on immigration issues. Perdue likely favors a legislative approach to immigration so yes, I can understand his possible opposition to confirmation.

      • seekingtounderstand says:

        Mike: Several years ago I wanted to donate to GALEO. So I went to look at how they spent the money they raised. As a non-profit at that time there where some untruths on their website. As a board member for GALEO that should be a red-flag.
        Manly the GALEO supported the lifestyle of the president, who was only for democrats. This was a democrat political group.

  2. ARAR says:

    first, he did not resign till after his positions as board member and treasurer was discovered, he does not support the law, a few Atlanta Sheriffs have said that he ask or wanted them to not obey the law. he should not be approved…

  3. Will Durant says:

    It appears that far too many Georgia Republicans want the big tent to be no larger than a standard bedsheet.

    • seekingtounderstand says:

      Will: As someone who actually worked in the tent, thinking I could help get better people elected let me tell you the truth.
      The local republican clubs are run, usually, by people who want to be important.
      They want to control things and go to great lengths to be rude to everyone who comes to a meeting. It doesn’t matter what you look like……they prefer you are not even there so they can do what they want.
      The problem lies with the folks who run the republican clubs.

      • Will Durant says:

        The last time I bothered was attending an announced “Town Hall” meeting where the “town” was not allowed to speak.

  4. Three Jack says:

    I used to think socons with their strict adherence to no abortions ever no matter the circumstances would be the downfall of the conservative movement. I was wrong. It will be this wacked out opposition to anybody who ever showed they have both a brain and heart when it comes to the need for workers in this country.

  5. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    What the hell does D.A. King’s 1977 gambling conviction have to do with anything? I stopped reading there.

    Gees, this used to be a rock solid political blog several years ago. Now it ventures into Fresh Loaf territory.

    • Will Durant says:

      You don’t find it pertinent that someone who can’t legally vote due to a conviction of a federal crime holds sway with a U.S. Senator over a federal judgeship?

      • John Konop says:

        In fairness it was a gambling charge from over 35 years ago.Agree or not with King that has nothing to do with the issue.If you disagree with him, than make the point, but that was nothing more than a personal shot.

        • Three Jack says:

          Agree John. I am on the opposite side from DA when it comes to this issue, but am confident in debating the issue without resorting to lame personal attacks.

  6. Dave Bearse says:

    Perdue thinks King and Kent carry more weight than the establishment? Have you been following Trump and Cruz’ standing in polls, Mike? Didn’t Perdue just crow that his vote to repeal Obamacare sans any mention of its futility was a major accomplishment?

    Lopez was a member of an organization that advocates amnesty for illegal immigrants. He’s an Hispanic that probably personally supports amnesty.

    That’s categorical disqualification for a majority of the GOP nurtured on 30 years messaging that government can’t be trusted and brown people aren’t real Americans.

    Perdue (and up or down vote Johnny) withholding a blue slip on a conservative nominee failing one of the ever increasing and ever more extreme GOP litmus tests demonstrates grandstanding trumps (pun intended) governing. (See cut off nose to spite face comment to subsequent post.)

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