Peach Pundit Podcast: GOP ‘Civil War,’ MTG Supports Buckhead City, DC Debt Limit Blues, DOJ vs Parents

The Guys are back with plenty to say.

  • We talk about the Cobb GOP’s “censure” of Governor Kemp, former Cobb GOP Chair Jason Shepherd resigns the Party, the Cobb Young Republicans condemn the Cobb GOP and the Georgia Republican Assembly condemns the Cobb YRs and The Establishment.
  • She Who Shall Not Be Named endorses the Buckhead City effort. Why?
  • Jason gives us an update on Congress’ efforts to avoid hitting the debt limit while passing massive spending bills.
  • After a letter from the National School Board Association, the Department of Justice announces it will hold internal meetings to craft a response to alleged threats to members of Board of Education across the country – thoughtful response to a growing threat or overreaction?

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