Another Example of MTG’s Terrible Constituent Services and How She Hurts Her District

Here’s another little fun tidbit about how Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene acts like a crazy person who neither party can work with, a reader sends this note in (note: I’m using italics instead of blockquotes):

I don’t know if you guys remember this, but at the bottom of 2020 and in early 2021, there was a big controversy surrounding whether an SK Innovation battery plant in Commerce, Georgia, would actually wind up being built. And Marjorie Taylor Greene being Marjorie Taylor Greene was one reason everyone fighting to keep the plant and the 3,000+ jobs that went with it had to fight that much harder.

At the time, SK Innovation was anticipating a bad legal decision that would have effectively blocked it from making batteries at the plant—eliminating the rationale for the plant. President Biden could have overturned a bad decision allowing the plant to proceed. One thing that consultants working the issue said would have helped would have been a letter signed by all of the Georgia congressional delegation, right at the top of the new Congress, asking Biden to step in.

Why wasn’t that feasible? One big reason, and maybe the only reason, was Marjorie Taylor Greene. It wasn’t just Democrats, but also some Georgia Republicans, who were wary about backing anything she was seen to be backing. But also, there was never any indication I saw or heard of that she had any interest in backing the plant.

In the end, the Kemp administration worked their butts off to save the plant and the thousands of jobs that would flow from it. And the two companies in dispute, SK and a competitor, reached a settlement.

But what did Marjorie Taylor Greene do, while the rest of the Georgia delegation, including people whose districts would not be much affected by it, stood ready to help? If she was prepared to do anything, I never heard about it.

This is the kind of thing the Strahan campaign has been pointing to, and that’s bad constituent services and an inability to perform basic functions of the job, which are not the result of anything Democrats have or have not done, but rather by Marjorie Taylor Greene being Marjorie Taylor Greene.

If anyone has any letters or anything like that that Greene sent President Biden on this subject, please do send them along, although I’d be skeptical she engaged because a) my source thinks she was MIA and b) her record strongly suggests she wouldn’t dare to try to work with President Biden on anything, even if it was putting out a fire in her own home.

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