Peach Pundit Changes Hands: Scot Turner New Owner

For those that may not know or remember, Peach Pundit was created in a moment of frustration by Erick Erickson and myself many years ago. I believe it must have been 2005 or thereabouts, and the frustration was out-of-control growth at the first iteration of a national blog we were managing at the time. Peach Pundit gave us an outlet which was smaller, more immediate, and frankly more fun.

While I’ve not editorially contributed much, I’ve been proud to own and publish the site these many years. Erick guided us through the first era into a bonafide brand in the halls of The Capitol. Charlie took the helm and continued to grow the site and brand, and giving Peach Pundit the sharper voice it needed in the second act.

Everything comes in seasons, and that second act came to an abrupt halt — and saw alternative sites fill the gap that resulted. With many personal commitments at the time, I did not have the energy to keep the site going, and so it sat in disrepair for a while. The original site is, in fact, lost to the ages having been wiped with no backup. (If you were one of our many high-profile anonymous commenters who may worry about exposure, breathe easy. It’s gone.)

I approached Jason a few years ago with a renewed interest in seeing Peach Pundit live. He agreed, and ran with this new site, doing a stellar job of writing and bringing on new contributors. He brought on Scot, who has contributed greatly and is our current Editor in Chief.

It’s my pleasure to announce that effective immediately, Scot Turner is the new owner of Peach Pundit. He’s got the energy and desire to continue the mission of political analysis here in Georgia, and I couldn’t be more happy to make it official. Peach Pundit has never been an economic concern for me, and in that spirit I am gifting him the site and contents.

It’s my hope you’ll continue to read, comment, contribute, and support Scot.

Thank you for reading,

Clayton Wagar

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  1. I plan to fully grift as much as humanly possible off of the Honorable Former State Representative Turned Lobbyist Promoted to Editor-in-Chief and now Gifted Owner of Peach Pundit.

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