The Redemption Story

I wrote the other day if Herschel was going to come out of the attacks made by the Daily Beast and by extension his son his response would need to be a part of a larger redemption story.

We all know that Herschel has struggled with mental illness. We all know that he was brutally transparent about it when he wrote a book in which he chronicled his violent outbursts. But the story didn’t end there. If it did the righteous indignation expressed by The Daily Beast and Christian Walker would carry a lot more weight with me.

But as a deeply flawed man who has tried my hand at serving in the public arena, have seen good people struggle with temptation, and their inner demons, I am keenly aware that people have the capacity to change and to grow. I am also keenly aware that a left wing rag like The Daily Beast has no interest in telling the redemption part of the story of a flawed conservative. The only thing that matters to them is clicks and stirring up enough muck to keep people from turning out to vote for Walker. Their agenda is clear and we should all relegate their take accordingly.

Herschel needed a strong response and to pivot to the real issues at hand; out of control inflation and a Senator who votes against the interest of Georgia. The very first thing Herschel did was tweet that he loves his son no matter what. Strong start.

And now the Walker campaign is out with a new ad titled, “Grace,” as his response to various accusation from his past. take a look:

I don’t want to be the meme where the dog is drinking coffee saying this is fine while the room is on fire because the room is indeed on fire. But… maybe… just maybe a response like the one in this video can start to extinguish the flames. It could actually turn the tables on attacks for his wrongs of a decade ago while that man that is trying to be better today.

We’ll see.

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