Politico Calls Out Stacey Abram’s Grift

I called our own Grifter with No Name in an effort to get him to write this post, because when it comes to grifting, he’s our go to guy. But he must be out grifting so here I am to pick up the slack. And it turns out you don’t actually have to be a grifter to recognize a grifter.


verb\ ˈgrift  \


transitive verb to obtain (money or property) illicitly (as in a confidence game)

intransitive verb to acquire money or property illicitly

This is the part where I tell you to go read the Politico article. Here are the highlights:

  • Fair Fight Action has paid $25 Million to Stacey Abrams’s campaign chair to lose their court case against Brad Raffensperger.
  • Other Civil Rights Activists and Attorneys are aghast at the $25 Million dollar price tag, with this money quote: “The typical case is a couple of hundred thousand dollars and can take a couple of years,” said Leah Aden, deputy director for litigation at the Legal Defense Fund, which advocates for civil rights and racial justice. She cited a case in Texas in which five plaintiffs sought about $8.8 million in legal fees after the verdict as the most expensive she had seen. “Beyond $10 million would be very shocking, I would say.”
  • Politico points out that Fair Fight and Abrams continue to claim victory in the Raffensperger case, which they lost on all counts.
  • Another money quote from Attorney General Chris Carr: “I call it the incredible shrinking lawsuit,” said Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, a Republican, over the summer. “It started off with allegations of tens of thousands of votes that were suppressed across the state of Georgia in the 2018 Election. We’re down to seven individuals who didn’t vote. That is not what they brought. That’s not what their press conferences have been about. That’s not what their fundraising emails have been about, Carr said of the lawsuit’s final scope.
  • The Fair Fight PAC director, Andre Fields, paid out tens of thousands of dollars to his sister and a friend for consulting services when neither has a background in politics.

You get the point. There’s more in the article that I did not include here, so go read it.

It seems all you need to do to get rich in America these days is falsely claim an election was stolen and then convince people to empty their pockets so that you can pad yours. Truth doesn’t matter to these people. Separating you from your cash does, though.

Take the $25 Million Fair Fight spent and add the $6 Million the State of Georgia spent defending the state from her lawsuit and every time Stacey Abrams tells a lie we collectively have to write a check. I am over it.

Don’t buy their garbage anymore.

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