Preserving Capitalism is Preserving Freedom

Recently, my wife, Janelle, and I had the privilege of speaking with students during their American government class at a local university. The only instructions provided by the professor were that we could speak from any angle of our choice. He further added that he never tells his guest speakers what to say or what not to say; he wants to expose his students to the full spectrum of positions and platforms. There were no topics that were off-limits. So, with this guidance, my wife and I proceeded with the topic of “why capitalism works for all Americans.” We split up the presentation, with my wife speaking first.

She spoke about how capitalism can resolve societal division, from a race-relation perspective. In America, racial issues are an understandably sensitive topic, so she spoke poignantly. Her message centered around how capitalism is meritocracy-based and that meritocracy is the antithesis of not only racism but counters other forms of prejudice. The audience received the message that internal division, and societal division, can destroy a country from within. Capitalism can be a solution to this division. She closed by explaining that the essence of healthy capitalism should be brought into the home and practiced in our everyday lives, rather than left exclusively in the boardroom. Principles like sustainability, production, innovation, and integrity. If personally embraced and practiced, capitalism, at its core is a solution to raced-based societal division.

I was up next. I started by providing my simple definition of capitalism as a system that provides the freedom to gain profit from producing value. The two points that I wanted to drive home were that our very own Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution both reference the fundamental elements of Capitalism. These are 1) the freedom and liberty to both pursue happiness through achievement and 2) the right to receive individual gain from producing value. These are the “blessings of liberty” secured in our founding documents. Our property rights, central enforcement of contract law, and our ability to trade freely are the uniquely American building blocks to defeat whatever societal attacks that may threaten us. These building blocks are why 80% of millionaires are first-generation. This is also why 1 in 25 Black Americans are millionaires ( We know this system works better than any other because we can compare America to other large countries. When comparing the world’s largest populations, largest Gross Domestic product (GDP), and lowest percentage of the population making less than $5.50 per day (a World Bank Poverty metric), America is FAR ahead of all others. This truly is the land of opportunity…individual opportunity…and we have the receipts.

I closed by sharing my personal story of being born to a 15-year-old mother, raised in a broken home, serving in our military, and starting my own successful business. I explained that my story is yet another example of and proof that capitalism works for all Americans…regardless of circumstance, regardless of ethnicity, regardless of religion.

This writing, my first contribution to, is based on my core belief that Capitalism is the best system to both acknowledge the individual and value the God-given rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for that individual. This is a position that constantly needs defending for the good of our Republic. Other writings will address other topics, but it is necessary to create a foundation or baseline for future positions.

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