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Update on Advertising

We’ve had great interest on the ad slots over there in the middle column, and as you can see they are filling up. Thanks to all of our advertisers, and don’t forget to take a look at the ads and click through if something interests you. The Google text ads are fillers when we don’t have anything else to show, but they help keep the lights on. Don’t neglect those either, if you have a few minutes to support our advertisers and want to support PP in the process.

There was tremendous interest in the Premium (top) slot through the Primaries – what a shock – and we will likely be putting that slot up for auction as July gets closer. In the meantime, we’re filling slots as requests come in.

If you’re interested in advertising for a specific time frame during 2010, please contact me and inquire about a reservation. I want to make sure we fill as many requests as possible. We will definitely be seeing traffic increase greatly in 2010, and will be getting lots of national exposure, so consider us for your candidate/business/issue ads.

For more information, just visit our advertising page.

Barnes Would Sign Sunday Sales

Yesterday, Jim Galloway at the AJC does a quick piece on Roy Barnes’ recent statements about Sunday sales:

“Yes. It ought to be a local decision. I believe in local control. It ought to be a local referendum, just like we do any of the others. I don’t know why we get cranked up about this, to be frank. That’s something that people ought to have to regulate themselves.”

Barnes goes as far as saying that he would sign the measure into law, given that the legislature acts to put it on his desk.

I’ve said it to many state politicians and I’ll say it here again: if there is one issue that seems to resonate with the average voter, it’s Sunday sales. I am aware of the sensitivity of the issue in many rural parts of the state, but the fact that we have put this issue on the table several times in the past few years, and cannot get it moved forward, is incredulous to vast majorities of the people that will be pushing the button for you in the Fall.

With politicians from President to dogcatcher trying to claim the populist crown, it’s a smart move on Barnes’ part to reclaim his seat.

Beacon Explains “Big 5” Participants

After the number of questions raised in this post about the participants of the Beacon “Big 5” Debate, I contacted John Fredericks, Publisher of The Beacon for a comment:

The Beacon Gubernatorial GOP Debate format is designed to allow the candidates to engage each other in substantial policy debate.
Debate participants were chosen based on financial viability. Candidates who had raised more than $250,000 since launching their campaign have been included.

As mentioned before, PeachPundit will be there liveblogging the debate.

Beacon “Big 5” Debate February 4

The Beacon, a Roswell based publication that many North Fulton residents are familiar with, is holding a GOP Gubenatorial debate on February 4 in Alpharetta. PeachPundit will be there, liveblogging the debate.

The Beacon is pleased to announce the upcoming BIG 5 GOP Gubernatorial Debate to be held Thursday night, February 4 at the Metropolitan Club in Alpharetta, GA. Debate participants include Republican frontrunners Nathan Deal, Karen Handel, Eric Johnson, John Oxendine and Austin Scott. This is the first Governor’s Debate where the Big 5 are on the same dais. The format is freewheeling and wide open, allowing the candidates to ask each other the majority of the questions. The Beacon Big 5 Debate commences with a cocktail reception honoring the candidates at 6:00 p.m. The event is open to the public and the press and tickets are available on a first-come, first-seved basis for $10 each through January 29. Seating is limited and we expect the event to be sold out, so reserve your tickets now at

I’m told that the event is selling well, so if you plan on attending make arrangements today. As you can see, we’re pleased The Beacon is using PeachPundit to advertise the debate. This should be a great event!


We’re trying out something new tomorrow during the speaker election.

Legislators, staffers, media: Send a text message to 404-425-9969 instead of using our tipline. This will hit the same chain as our tipline, so you can get straight to the heart of the PeachPundit staff in a fraction of the time.

We won’t save (or divulge) your mobile number – this goes to a Google Voice account under my exclusive control – and it will be active until 3PM tomorrow, Thursday, December 17, 2009.

If this proves useful, we will open it up to special events and elections in the future.

Oh, and you can always call that same number and leave us a voicemail if you like.


Apollo 11 / Open Thread

By request, a thread in celebration of the historic achievement of the more than 400,000 men and women who supported the US space exploration program over the last 50 years, on the 40th anniversary of the first man to set foot on the moon.

Many of you know I took the boys to see the Shuttle launch last week, and we’re still in awe from the miracle of manned space flight. Even 40 years later it’s a wonder to behold.

And this is quite fun:
Real time replay of Apollo 11 as it happened 40 years ago this moment

Doug MacGinnitie Enters the SoS Race

Doug MacGinnitie, who ‘made it official’ with his filing last month, enters the SoS race with this press release:

Doug MacGinnitie Files Paperwork to Run for Secretary of State

Sandy Springs, GA – – March 4, 2009 – – Doug MacGinnitie, currently a member of the Sandy Springs City Council, is the first Republican to officially file with the State Ethics Commission as a candidate for Georgia Secretary of State in 2010.

In addition to his experience on the Sandy Springs City Council, MacGinnitie has been a successful entrepreneur and attorney for some of Georgia’s most prominent businesses.
“After much prayer and consultation with family and friends, I have decided to legally start my campaign for Secretary of State,” said MacGinnitie. “Under Karen Handel’s leadership, we’ve seen tremendous reform and progress in the office of Secretary of State. I plan to build on that momentum, applying my conservative principles and private sector experience to state government.“

MacGinnitie co-founded and served as Chief Operating Officer for Beecher Carlson, a commercial insurance brokerage firm based in Atlanta. He is a graduate of Emory Law School, worked as an associate at Alston & Bird, was Chief Counsel for Georgia-Pacific, and served as General Counsel for Hobbs Group.

“Many Georgians know how important the Secretary of State’s office is to ensuring fair elections, but many don’t know that the office touches every large and small business in our state. In these tough economic times, we must work even harder to ensure the Secretary of State’s office is efficient and business-friendly so our state can continue to attract economic development and create jobs,” said MacGinnitie.

Doug attended elementary and high school in DeKalb County, Georgia. He and his wife, Missy, have three children and are members of Dunwoody United Methodist Church.

Contact: Brandon Phillips
Email: [email protected]
Telephone Number: 770.350.6222
Email Address: [email protected]

Sorry about that folks

There’s a new website going up here on the same server as Peachpundit, and the settings weren’t quite right. Apparently PP has been inaccessible for some for the morning.

Feel free to vent here in this open thread 🙂

Sponsorships, and banned users

A few notes for our regular readers.

No doubt you’ve noticed that we’re now accepting sponsorships (‘ads’) on PeachPundit. The response has been very good, indicating that I set the prices way too low. No matter, as the point of the sponsorships is to keep the lights on and buy a few drinks for the contributors now and again.

If you think you might be interested in one of those ad slots over there on the right, act fast. The large slot is now sold out through 2010 (yes, really) and there are only a few opportunities for booking the small spaces in the near future. Thank you very much for supporting PeachPundit.

As a followup to yesterday’s somewhat cryptic post about banned users, upon further consideration I thought it was important for the community here to announce those usernames that were affected. As you read through previous posts and comments, know that these userid’s were (with near certainty) the same individual:

BlackVoters, Dr.C, GOPeach, Cindye Coates, Liberty Belle, Red Dawg, Blue Collar Voter

I don’t want to give away my secret sauce, but after four years of troll hunting on both Redstate and PeachPundit, there are many different ways to determine duplicate posters that go well beyond the IP address of the submission. These accounts meet all of the tests.

Importantly, please note that I have verified to my own satisfaction the real name of the owner of these accounts; you should make no assumptions about who that individual is based on the username selected. All of these accounts have been placed on the spam filter and their comments will not be approved.