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Release Your Tax Returns, Handel Says

On the same day that her first TV commercial hits the airwaves, Georgia U.S. senate hopeful Karen Handel called on the other Republicans in the race to release their tax returns from the last five years.

“Throughout her career, Karen has been a leader in ethics reform and government transparency,” says campaign manager Corry Bliss. “In an effort to promote government transparency, The Handel for Senate Campaign is making available the last five years of Karen’s tax returns and challenging all other US Senate campaigns to do the same today.”

While as secretary of state, Handel’s campaign says she set limits on gifts to employees (including herself); established a nepotism policy to address cronyism; and required a one-year “cooling off” period before employees could take lobbying positions with companies seeking to do business with the agency he or she worked for previously.

Nosy reporters can check out her tax returns at her campaign office.

The Peach Pundit Daily -Administrative Note

This morning’s Peach Pundit Daily included this: 

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The item prompted a few emails about whether or not Peach Pundit is being compensated in any way by the AJC. The answer is no, we are not, we just liked their new site and thought our readers might want to subscribe. Thought it was obvious, but probably should have disclosed. Sorry for any confusion.

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