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Context and constitutionality: why “separation of powers” doesn’t really mean “separate”

If you want to open a can of worms at Peach Pundit, simply start a thread that gives readers an excuse to talk aboutseparation of powers” and the role of the Lieutenant Governor. Eventually someone will start throwing around the term “separation of powers” and even suggest that a lawsuit is inevitable if Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle is given back some of the traditional administrative duties of the office he holds.

But such a viewpoint fails to consider the context of the notion of separation of powers in the twenty-first century and oversimplifies a complex subject to the level of an episode of Schoolhouse Rock. Eventually it bends the concept so far by suggesting that the judiciary may intervene to sort out a disagreement about Senate rules, that it breaks the principle of separation of powers more effectively than any change in Senate rules could manage.

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“Clean Old Fashioned Hate” Open Thread

Today at noon we’ll renew the football portion of the rivalry between Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia. Tech and UGA first faced each other in football on November 4, 1893. Tech won 28-6.

During and after the game, disgruntled Georgia fans threw rocks and other debris at the Georgia Tech players and chased the victorious Blacksmiths back to their awaiting train.

“At one time early in the last half of the game, a stone was hurled at one of the Tech players, striking him a cruel blow in the head… At another time, one of the Athenians drew a knife and threatened one of the Techs’ better players… The Techs were also poked and gouged with canes on plays toward the boundary lines… Some of the crowd had the privilege of the gridiron equally with the players.”

Some things never change.

Enjoy the game and may the righteous men of Tech prevail.

Political bonehead move of the day

This image was used in an email by Swapna Bhave, a candidate for Johns Creek City Council. From all accounts, she is a good candidate with solid community credentials, and I have heard from several sources that a majority of the incumbent city council is quietly rooting for her.

But this photo is a demonstration of what not to do in campaign photography.

The Johns Creek Dog Park is spectacular. I was at the grand opening and it’s a combination Six Flags and White Water for our furry family members. It’s wildly popular for families, and I suspect it will develop into the singles’ hot spot for North Fulton. It’s a great place for campaign photography.

Just mind your misé en scene and ensure that you’re not unwittingly writing a punchline at your candidate’s expense.

Happy Birthday To A Bearded Ideologue

That’s right, today is December 25th, and that now means it’s Jason Pye’s birthday.

As you wind down your Christmas celebrations, please take a moment and wish our resident Libertarian and Peach Pundit Assistant Editor a very happy birthday.

Though I’ve been trying to start the rumor that he would be turning 45 today, he claims it’s his 30th. Regardless, he’s been celebrating for a week, and I hope being snowed in gives him one more day of Pyepalooza.

Happy Birthday Jason!

No Worries Jay, You’re Not Becoming A Conservative. It’s Just That Newt Is A Dirty Lib’ral Now

…and I thought “Bearded Spock Day” was over.

Then Jay Bookman has to go and say that Newt Gingrich is being REASONABLE?

These are frightening words to type, but … Newt Gingrich and I agree with each other.

Talking to Greta van Susteren last night on Fox, the former speaker noted that Dede Scozzafava, the Republican candidate in New York’s 23rd congressional district, had been chosen by county party leaders in that district to be the GOP’s nominee in next week’s special election.

Yet Republicans from outside that district are trying to overrule that choice as ideologically unsuitable and impose their own candidate on the district.

It’s O.K., Jay. We’re here to help you through this. You see, you haven’t become a conservative. According to many of my friends on Facebook, Gingrich has now become a dirty lib’ral. How’s that you say? Well, apparently he has the gall to support states rights and local control, in a state that doesn’t think like ours. What a commie. Read more

Worst Campaign Of 2008 Nominations Now Open

Already nominated here:

1)  Saxby Chambliss, general election

2) McCain-Palin, Presidential

For your consideration:

3)  Dale Cardwell, U.S. Senate Primary – Seriously, dude, you had the much repressed populist in me pulling for you until you climbed up that smokestack.

4)  Barry Flemming, 10th Congressional Primary – Did the Whitehead Campaign teach you nothing about listening to a few power brokers in Atlanta about how to handle that district?

5)  Keith Gross, Emperor of the World – Never, ever challenge the public to do a simple open records search if you have a public record.  And dude, try at least living in the State that you want to be elected in.

6)  Fred Thompson, Republican Presidential Primary.  I’d write more about this, but I had to take two naps while typing just thinking about his performance.  So, so disappointing.

7)  Bob Barr for President.  Seriously, you took the energy, fundraising, and approximate 5% polling numbers from Ron Paul, and turned it into what?  I need another nap.  (Don’t take it personally Jason, you’re doing the best with what you have to work with.)

I know I’m forgetting a few, consider the nominations open.

UPDATED TO INCLUDE:  8.  Hillary Clinton – Standard bearer, Clinton Dynasty.  I guess I forgot to include her because I’m still not sure her campaign is really over.   Those Clinton’s are Voldemort.   She lost this one big time, but she’ll be back.

Your College Football Thread

Florida State University opened up their season in a big way, announcing to the world they are returning as a major force in college football, thrashing the heretofore undefeated Western Carolina Catamounts, 69-0.

The Seminoles scored more points than any other Championship Subdivision team on Saturday. Their convincing win over the Southern Conference powerhouse of WCU prompted some pundits to say FSU will go undefeated this season, and claim the BCS National Championship.

“They looked great Saturday” said internationally respected analyst rugbyfan. “If you were to ask me, I would describe the Seminoles in one word, ‘unstoppable’. Wait, no, make that,’perfect’. Will they win the BCS? Does the sun rise in the east?”

Some other teams played this weekend but they are hopeless jokers and don’t deserve any attention.

Consider this: AN OPEN THREAD!

[Hey, what does this have to do with Georgia politics? If you have to ask, you will never know. And yes Erick I have already admonished myself for posting this.]


College Football is back at the end of this month.  It’s a good thing we had all these elections and scandals to give us something to talk about since January.  UGA starts the season with an official number 1 ranking from the coaches.   I like it better when we are underdogs.

The Pros are back as well, and we’re gearing up for another season of Peach Pundit Fantasy Football.  We’ve cut the number of teams back to 16, and at least 8 spots are already filled.  Sign up soon, regular posters, or you’ll miss out.   Follow This Link to sign up, (Create a Yahoo ID first if you don’t have one), And use League ID 19689, Password:  Snuggles

Thanks to Driving Buddha for getting this set up, and of course, to last year’s commissioner, Doug Deal.  (He seems to do something decent about once a year.  Now he’s got to go through his annual ritual of figuring out which five teams for which he’s going to claim to be a fan.)

If you’re a rabid fantasy player, this might not be the right group for you.  I found it a great way to learn the ropes of fantasy football last year, along with other similar non-professionals.  Think of it as fantasy football for the special olympics:  Even if you win, you and your competitors are still special.   It’s just a decent outlet for some fun when you need a distraction from the fall campaigns.

We’ll be setting up a college pick’em game again as well, with announcements made when that’s set up.

And if you need to ask what this has to do with Georgia Politics, you’ll just never get it.

Consider this an OPEN THREAD.


Petrino “Miserable” in Atlanta

Poor Bobby. I am sure $14.25 million will cheer you up. This season certainly showed you are worth much more than that.

Arthur Blank was too meddlesome with the Falcons and former coach Bobby Petrino’s family was “miserable in Atlanta.” Those are the latest salvos in the continuing fallout from Petrino’s sudden departure from Atlanta Falcons head coach to the head coach at Arkansas.

NB: For the UGA fans, see if UGA would benefit from a playoff here, I’ve run several different simulations and only once did they go to the semi-finals. But really, they are deserving to play for the title.

Also, the AJC has a gallery of GT’s year in Athletics. Highlights include a photo-op with last year’s ACC division title and a victory over 3-9 Notre Dame.

23 months for Vick

I will redeem myself!” he says.

Let’s make this today’s open thread.

Update:From the ESPN article:

By 8 a.m. Monday, about 50 people were in line outside the courthouse waiting for the doors to open. About two dozen animal rights activists stood across the street holding posters showing injured pit bulls and the messages, “Report Dogfighters” and “Dogs Deserve Justice.”

“We want to make sure the focus on the animals in this case isn’t lost,” said Dan Shannon, spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Julia Novak arrived with her small beagle, Frankie, who wore a sandwich board with the message on one side: “Dogfighters use dogs like me for bait.”

Emphasis added. Uhhhh…what?


His Name is Earl

To paraphrase, commenter cheapseats asked Earl Ehrhart if he should be planning on buying his next boat in Alabama or another neighboring state if/when the GREAT plan passes, because Georgia sales taxes will go up 4%. Here’s Earl Ehrhart’s response:

Since we are not advocating any change in the state portion of the sales tax, then your tax will be the same in that year if this plan is successful.

Ok, Earl. Are you trying to be hyper-technical here or are you just flat out lying? If property taxes are eliminated in you and Glenn’s plan, sales taxes will be raised to make up the difference. But now you say you aren’t advocating any change in the state portion of the sales tax…but yesterday you said the language that you are polling mentions a 1% increase in the sales tax.

So what is it?