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MRs: Paris attacks; KKK highway; Georgia’s flunks ethics report card

How will the U.S. respond to Paris attacks?

Atlanta remembers Paris
Local drummer was performing in Paris during attacks
Google eyeing Brookhaven for expansion
Columbus police expand body-camera plans after violent encounter with criminal
Georgia gets a D-minus on ethics report card
KKK wants to adopt highway
Macon Charter Academy in trouble
Smooth sailing for controversial Palmetto Pipeline
Showdown coming between Reed, council over Buckhead road extension

Morning Reads for Friday the Thirteenth, November Witch Edition

NAACP sues Hancock County over voter rolls.
Savannah ginger farmer makes Oprah’s Favorite Things list.
Georgia Veterans Hall of Fame adds fifteen inductees.
Atlanta’s 40 under 40.

– Does this make Hillary a Material Girl?
– Sounds like those Reidsville City Council meetings, doesn’t it?
– No, his name isn’t Oscar.
Follow the bouncing ball (this guy wins the internetz this week).

Random Everywhere:
The House that Julia Built.
Spook stuff.
– What is the November Witch?

Morning Reads – Tuesday, November 10, 2015


If Charlie asks nicely, he may borrow the cardboard ViewMaster thingy that came with my Sunday New York Times.

IRS may try – again – to use private debt collectors to collect back taxes.

$53 million in tax dollars spent on “paid patriotism?” God bless America, INDEED.

Tybee Island likes Ike, Jr., their newest litter-fighting ambassador.

State officials are concerned about the impact of poverty on children in south Georgia.

Second runner dies following the Savannah Rock & Roll Marathon.

Twenty years of consolidated government in Augusta-Richmond County.

Spaghetti Junction through the years.

If politicians had man buns.

Hamilton! The Founding Father without a father! If you have yet to welcome Alexander Hamilton into your life, this is a great place to start.

Morning Reads for Friday, November 6, 2015

– Now really, who would have thought this would happen? (Bonus points – there’s Stefan’s bridge!)
Callaway Gardens closing historic sites.
– And not a single Peach Pundit contributor among them.
That was quick.

Pentagon farmed out its coding to … Russia? Fox in the hen house.
This sounds like a good idea.
What he said.
– And not a single Peach Pundit contributor among them.
– Is Obamacare really collapsing?

Random Everywhere:
– Ok, now that we’ve got transparent aluminum, when do we get the replicators?
Storm the Capitol!

Morning Reads for Friday, October 30, 2015


– How to spot a fake congressman.
– Hooking up Cobb and Cuba?
Columbus whistleblower sues.
Speed traps filling city coffers.

Then there were six. +/- four. Or five. Who’s counting?
– How’s that 15 minutes of fame working out for you?
– These are not the forward thinkers you are looking for.

Random Everywhere:
Inconvenient data.
– The latest game rage: Room Escape.
What’s next for Uber?
– A very important week in college football.

MRs: Sanders goes hard after Hillary; Columbus’s heroin problem; Holyfield milestone

Peach Pundit/WGST road show before this week’s GOP debate
Sanders going hard after Hillary

Trump: I will be a great unifier
American millennials among the world’s least skilled
Columbus has rising heroin problem
Major renovations coming to Philips Arena
Evander Holyfield won boxing’s world title 25 years ago on Sunday
The ultimate away game: Brookhaven school to play football game in Ireland
Atlanta’s best neighborhoods for trick or treating

Morning Reads for Friday October 23, 2015

Friendship Baptist breaks ground.
– Take that, NY.
– Brunswick gets a lot of clams.

– Transcript of yesterday’s Benghazi hearing.
– Polls are for strippers and … what just happened? Now they all will go on a book tour.

Random Everywhere:
– Warm this.
This is not the bad guy you’re looking for.
– And if you’re the only one left on the planet who hasn’t seen it,
Read more

Morning Reads for Friday, October 16, 2015

– Will the former Fire Chief get a trial?
– How to not make The New York Times.
business down in Reidsville.
– Despite tensions, Georgia choir tours Israel.

Ben Carson suspends campaign…wait…what?
– You knew it was too good to be true.
– These are not the nukes you’re looking for.
So many “gates,” so little time.

Random Everywhere:
– Put this on my Christmas list.
Lost cities found.

Morning Reads – Friday, October 9, 2015

This Date

  • This is the 282nd day of 2015! 83 days to go until 2016.
  • President Obama’s dog Bo turns 7 today
  • Joseph Pilates, developer of Pilates, died on this day in 1967
  • Che Guevara died on October 9, 1968
  • Math geeks unite: (1+0) + 9 = (2+0) x (1 x 5) Can you make any other equations using today’s date?

Peach Pundit

  • Charlie Harper (Icarus) and Jon Richards to speak at Athens GOP meeting on Monday, Oct. 12 @ 6 p.m.  Details

Governor’s Office Recap

  • Over $4.1 million awarded in Innovation Fund grants to 12 winners for STEM education
  • Gov. Deal integrates agencies to reduce government size for criminal justice reforms
  • Georgia Pre-K is shown in study to improve student readiness
  • Alcon has created 550 jobs and invested $500 million in Johns Creek area since 2013


  • Former President Jimmy Carter cancels November trip to build houses in Nepal due to civil unrest
  • Sen. David Perdue and Michelle Nunn seem to be getting along (scroll down just below DeKalb county news)
  • Lobbyists feed committee members
  • Georgia National Fair started yesterday. Military members, veterans, and their immediate families get in free on October 12.
  • Don’t forget to vote in the Presidential Peanut Poll if you go to the fair. Results will be updated after 5 p.m. each day on the peanut poll website. Trump currently leads all candidates.
  • Macon Rapper Sonny Spoon indicted as part of a drug ring, five years after his early release from prison in 2010 for his 2003 arrest on drug and gun charges
  • Rise Up Georgia wants former Deal adviser out of Atlanta school district’s revamping


  • Interactive map of 2016 primary dates (H/T Icarus)
  • SC Gov. Nikki Haley calls for expanded evacuation in South Carolina
  • Hero that thwarted French train situation was stabbed repeatedly in California
  • McCarthy, Trump, McCarthy, Trump, McCarthy, Trump – Rinse and Repeat

Off the Beaten Path

Saturday @ 3:30 p.m.

  • The GSU (Georgia Southern University) (4-1, 2-0): Off
  • Georgia (4-1, 2-1) @ Tennessee (2-3, 0-2): CBS
  • Georgia Tech (2-3, 0-2) @ Clemson (4-0, 1-0): ABC/ESPN2
  • Appalachian State (3-1) @ Ed’s Panthers (1-3, 1-0): ESPN3

Morning Reads – Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Good morning! Ed’s not here, but he picked today’s song.





Morning Reads for Friday, October 2, 2015

– Heading to the UGA/Bama game? Be prepared for worse than usual traffic/parking challenges.
– About those streetcars…
A novel idea. Then you don’t have to worry about the racoon biting you after it starts your car. Except all the blood and stuff.
Two Georgia women make Top Banker’s list.

– The NYC City Council did what? At least they’re not Reidsville.
Lando’d again.
Grandma zaza is the bomb, but she’d probably be blocked from Bernie’s Twitter feed.
Oh my.

Random Everywhere, even Out There:
– Whose idea was this?
Feeling paranoid?
The Truth is Out There.

Morning Reads for Friday, September 25, 2015

PSA: Three months ’til Christmas! #PANIC

Herschel sculpture shaping up.
– Sure, why not.
Fat cat sighting at the Capitol.
– Sure, a new coat of paint fixes everything!

– The MAGIC question.
– Does this mean there will be a fire sale on BMW’s, too?
Give it a rest, sweetheart.
– Maybe it was too hot…

Random Everywhere:
Peak Media Embarrassment.
Pluto. (Not the dog.)
– See, you finally get to use some of that math you learnt in school.

Morning Reads for Friday, September 18, 2015

– GT is building and building some more.
Namin’ and shamin’.
The Bulloch House is making a comeback. (Can’t wait!)
– In other words, the traffic in South Fulton will be awful this weekend.

– Vote early, vote often. Who won the clown show?
Chile had a really big one.
– Of course, he’s going to run.
Shutdown Theater, the Sequel.

Random Everywhere:
34th Annual Savannah Jazz Festival, just shorter.
– A different slant on the latest GOP debate.

MRs: Hillary and Ga. Dems; Miss Georgia is Miss America; church bans 102-year-old woman

Rick Perry is first to fall …

Trump, Paul fuel reaches new level
Walker defends troubled campaign
Rubio’s Mormon play
All-time great and former Hawk Moses Malone dies
Miss Georgia becomes Miss America
Why Georgia Dems are unlikely to abandon Hillary
DeKalb launches spending website
A booze problem on Tybee Island?
Elberton church bans 102-year-old woman
GSU Panthers make history

Morning Reads for Friday, September 11, 2015

– It is with great happiness I note that UGA was omitted from this year’s Fulmer Cup.
– Election season really translates into traffic hell for all.
Walton County Sheriff Department in hot water.
The Eye of Sauron turns toward Airbnb.

– Taking “cooking the books” to the next level is not such a good thing.
Diarrhea of the mouth.
– The Iran Deal crap sandwich.
Wolf in sheep’s clothing.
– It’s for the children refugees.

Random Everywhere:
Jim Harbaugh’s pants, among other things.
– We’re surrounded by a society of victims.
– Oh, to be retired…!

Never Forget:
14 years ago the world changed.

Stay tuned for a 9/11 remembrance of lost Georgians.