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PeachPundit Road Show — GAGOP Convention Edition

Weeeee’re back with the same glitz, glamour, and disappointment you’ve come to expect from us!

With such a large gathering of Republicans next week, the PeachPundit crew figured we would get drunk. My selfie stick will be back by popular demand (mostly Jessica S. and Anthony M Kreis) to perfectly capture my our narcissism.

What: PeachPundit Road Show

When: Friday, May 15th 6pm to 8pm

Where: Magnolia’s Bar (312 E Broad St, Athens, GA 30601)

We look forward to seeing some of you. Others, not so much.

Reminder: Peach Pundit Road Show – Sine Die Edition

What sounds better than drinking with your favorite Peach Pundit pals while talking Sine Die politics? Nothing (or everything).

Charlie gave y’all the details earlier, but a reminder never hurts. Come for the drinks, stay for the Sine Die existential crises.

Where: Gordon Biersch Midtown (848 Peachtree Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA)

When: 7pm-10pm; however, you may come and go as you please

Why: To drink

Who: Some, others not so much

As always, I look forward to seeing, like, eight of you. The eight are TBD.

PeachPundit Road Show — Wild Hog Edition

The PeachPundit Road Show is back in 2015 with the same glitz and glamor you have come to expect from us! Join the PeachPundit editors, contributors and servants interns after the Wild Hog dinner for drinks, food and good times. For those who have joined us in the past, it is at the same location as last year.

What: PeachPundit Road Show

Where: Gordon Biersch Midtown (848 Peachtree Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30308)

When: January 11, 2015, 7:30pm – 9:30pm

We are looking forward to seeing, like, eight of y’all!

Peach Pundit BBQ Tour Podcast With Congressman Tom Price

PriceMonday night was the latest stop on the Peach Pundit BBQ Tour. We visited Smokejack BBQ in Alpharetta and our guest was Congressman Tom Price. He sat down with us and talked politics for a few minutes.

In May, 7th District Congressman Rob Woodall joined us at Hometown BBQ in Lawrenceville and in June we ventured to Sprayberry’s in Newnan and were joined by 3rd District Congressman Lynn Westmoreland and in July, 12th District Congressman John Barrow joined us in Augusta.

In September, 9th District Congressman Doug Collins will host us at Zeb’s BBQ in Danielsville on Saturday, September 14th.

Listen to the podcast with Congressman Price here:

Congressman Westmoreland At The Peach Pundit BBQ Tour

sprayberrysCongressman Lynn Westmoreland joined Peach Pundit tonight at Sprayberry’s BBQ in Newnan for a podcast. We’re grateful for the Congressman’s time. We talked about interest group ratings, the 2014 elections, the loss of Congressional seniority in Georgia, making tough choices when voting on Legislation, and what the Congressman has learned over the years.

Listen closely and you’ll hear the sound of meat being chopped and various interesting ringtones. And no, it’s not true that Nathan and Jessica are getting married, as far as we know.

In May Congressman Rob Woodall joined us for the first stop on the PP BBQ Tour. Future PP BBQ tour stops include Augusta on July 27th and Danielsville on September 14th.

Listen to the podcast here:

Peach Pundit Road Show At The Movies

Come join us next Thursday night as the Peach Pundit Road show visits the movies – and not just any movie but “The Campaign” starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis. Michael Clark of the Gwinnett Daily Post says:

It is the best political satire since “Wag the Dog” and makes it thoroughly clear to everyone just how brutal, raw, cynical, petty and phony the American electoral process has become. And all of it is done while making you laugh uncontrollably the entire time.


Date: Thursday August 23rd
Location: Movie Tavern Tucker 4043 LaVista Road Tucker, GA 30084
Time: The movie will start at around 7:40 PM. Movie Tavern has a eating area so feel free to get there early and stay after the movie ends.

To view Movie Tavern’s menu or to purchase tickets click here. I’m not sure you can purchase tickets today for next Thursday’s movie yet, but I did confirm The Campaign will still be playing at this theater on that date.

As always we look forward to seeing some of you, others not so much.

BE ADVISED: Peach Pundit Roadshow Hits Columbus This Friday

Even Norm Gets Emotional When Talking About The "Best Peach Pundit Roadshow Ever"

In case you have forgotten already, the Peach Pundit Roadshow hits up Columbus this Friday at The LOFT’s Green Room at 1032 Broadway, Columbus, GA.  We’ll be there from around 6p until 9:30~ish. After then, who knows.  There’s normally a cover charge, but we’ve taken care of that for you as long as you say you’re there for the Roadshow.

Mark believes this could be the “best Peach Pundit Roadshow ever.”  I believe it could be as well.  Don’t disappoint Mark and make him cry in the Guinness you’re buying him (expect to buy Charlie a beer too, but don’t expect him to shed tears over anything).  Come on out and meet the cast of characters from the front page, some of your favorite (and not so favorite) commenters, and general spectators.  Heck, there may be even an elected official or two who may drop by and say hello.

As always, we look forward to seeing most of you.  Others, not so much.

::UPDATE::  Buzz mentioned in the comments that it’s best to arrive early because there may be a “special guest” who drops in for a visit.  Not sure who the “special guest” is, but hopefully someone other than Buzz…not to say Buzz isn’t special, of course.

TONIGHT — The Peach Pundit Roadshow at Manuel’s Tavern at 6PM

Join us TONIGHT for the Peach Pundit Roadshow at Manuel’s Tavern. We’ll convene at 6 PM (tonight, Monday March 26th).

Bloggers, political activists, policy wonks, media analysts and elected officials of any and all ideological and partisan stripes will be there.

Spread the word to a few friends (enemies, too) and bring them along. Lively discourse will be expected.

“We look forward to seeing some of you. Others, not so much.”

The Next Peach Pundit Roadshow — Manuel’s Tavern on Monday, March 26 at 6 PM

Join us for the next Peach Pundit Roadshow this coming Monday.  The General Assembly will likely adjourn a few days later, thus enabling our annual “Peach Pundit Pre-Post Session Roadshow.

The location will be Manuel’s Tavern and will start at 6 PM Monday, March 26th. The address: 602 N Highland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta.

Manuel’s is arguably Atlanta’s most famous political tavern hangout and headquarters. Regardless of your political affiliation, Manuel’s is truly an Atlanta institution worthy of your beer money.

A short history of Manuel’s Tavern:

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Peach Pundit Road Show: Wild Hog Supper 2012 Edition

Some of you might remember that there was a bit of wintry precipitation during the second annual Peach Pundit Wild Hog Supper Road Show last year.  No Snowpocalypse is gonna keep us down this time!  We’re having it!!

Come meet, cuss, and discuss some of your favorite contributors, politicians, and commenters who keep the insane asylum Internets entertaining at the first Peach Pundit Road Show of 2012.

Deets below the fold.  We look forward to seeing some of you.  Others, well, you know the drill.

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Sine Die Road Show – Save The Date

The annual Sine Die Road Show will be held next Wednesday, Sine Die Eve, somewhere in downtown Atlanta.  We’ve chosen the night before so as to allow for better participation from Capitol critters of all stripes, as well as to hopefully allow better coverage of last minute legislative actions from those of us here during Sine Die.

We’ll be back in a couple days with additional details.  Right now, just block out the evening of Wednesday, April 13th.

We pretend to look forward to seeing some of you.  Others, not so much.

Sine Die April 14th

Tom Crawford of the Georgia Report is tweeting as such.

One House member confirms, a Senator says “probably”.

So, the major question at hand is, Road Show during Sine Die, or the night before.  Discuss.