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Roadshow EXTRA: Drinking Made Easy!

It’s my pleasure to introduce a SPECIAL EDITION of the PeachPundit roadshow series – A night of comedy at Center Stage with comedian Zane Lamprey!

Zane is a buddy of mine who is the host of the hilarious series “Three Sheets” – originally on the MojoHD channel, and recently on FLN and The Travel Channel. He travels around the world ‘studying’ local drinking customs, beverages, and hangover cures. Now he’s embarked on a nationwide standup tour and is currently filming a companion series about drinking customs, beverages, and hangover cures right here in the the States. Even better – after his gig here in Atlanta, he’s hanging around and filming for the show. Who knows, perhaps he might even have a chance to work some pundit-related humor in his act….

You will not regret joining Clayton, Icarus, Tyler, Jason, and other PeachPundit celebrities for a raucous night of comedy and fun. And, as a special treat, PeachPundit readers will get their first round on us! But be warned, you’ll have to prove you’re a loyal reader with the correct answers to some PP trivia!

Tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster for only $25. You can get more information about Zane from his website at zanelamprey.com.

Episodes of Three Sheets can also be watched for free on Hulu.com. But beware – they are addictive!