Run Herschel Run

It’s been a couple months since I have written. However, it’s been an incredibly busy summer but I am BACK.

Not sure I have a lot to say this post as a first one back, but we’ve got an interesting landscape that is lying before us. I wasn’t a Herschel supporter. I’m still skeptical to be quite honest. I’ll vote for him because I’m trying to think in the big picture and look out for the greater good of things. Warnock is a bad dude and doesn’t deserve a full term back in the Senate. He is the epitome of a false prophet. Herschel has his faults. I spelled that out pretty plainly previously. That said, I see something here that is quite profound. Georgia was a deeply confederate state. We are STILL in the deep South and supposedly racist especially for passing SB 202. HOWEVER, we have TWO black men going head to head against one another for a UNITED STATES SENATE seat.

Chew on that a minute.

Georgia isn’t perfect, but we have come a LONG way and if this race in November doesn’t prove how far we have come, then you can’t be helped in seeing that or you just simply don’t want to see it because it doesn’t fit your agenda. Stacey has no business calling our election laws racist. Hell. SHE is running for governor a second time during an election cycle where two black men are running in opposition for one of the most important seats in Congress. Do with all that what you will but I think all of this is worth pointing out. If we were trying to disenfranchise voters with SB202 then why did the majority (and I mean a LARGE majority) choose Herschel as their candidate? In this case, throw out name recognition as a reason. If Georgia was full of racists, they wouldn’t have picked Herschel to begin with. Yes, there are genuine racists and bigots out there. And this post isn’t here to minimize how truly despicable those people are. This post is to maximize the fact that Georgia has come a long way and we’ve got quite the future. I hope to hell Herschel wins in November and I hope we take back the majority in the Senate. I think we can.

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