David Ralston, Georgia Speaker, To Step Aside

Greg Bluestein and Mark Niesse at the AJC report that David Ralston, one of (the) most powerful people in the state is stepping aside as Speaker of the House to address a health concern.

in the last several days I have had quite a few calls with my former colleagues who were positioning for lower leadership positions which were already open. At no time did a race for Speaker come up because it was assumed, universally, that Speaker Ralston would remain. That’s to say this comes as a surprise for the majority of House Members and therefore there are a lot of members of the House who are in shock today.

Everyone knows that I have had my disagreements with Speaker Ralston over the years. Now isn’t the time to rehash those things. Because I know how much he loves serving as Speaker, this must have been a very difficult decision. He must be hurting.

And so, like I have on so many occasions before this one, I offer a prayer for David Ralston. For his health and recovery. For his comfort. For his peace.

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