Man, I’ve Missed This Place

Several months ago, Clayton and I had dinner in McDonough and decided to get Peach Pundit back up and running. For those of you who were around several years ago, you’ll recognize some of the names you’ll see here.

I’ve missed Georgia politics. Prior to the pandemic, in the before time, I spent most of the year in DC and lost track of what was happening at home. Yes, although Tamar Hallerman once called me a “former Georgian,” I still live in Georgia. Friends would keep me in the loop on what was happening under the Gold Dome and in state politics.

I’ve spent substantially less time in DC since March 2020 because of the pandemic. A recent job change means I’ll spend a little more time in DC than I’ve spent in the past eleven months, but not as much as I used to. That job change means I’ll focus more on a specific set of issues. I need outlets for the other things I care about, including Georgia politics.

Peach Pundit meant a lot to me and largely is responsible for getting me where I’ve gone in my career. So, as Clayton has written, we’re back. Let’s have some fun.

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