Legislature Passes the Skinny Budget

The General Assembly has passed the amended budget for FY 2021, HB 80. HB 80 increases topline state spending by just under $654.3 million over the original FY 2021 budget, HB 793, passed in June 2020.

CategoryFY 2021FY 2021(A)Difference
State Funds$25,912,417,380$26,566,711,626+$654,294,246
Fed. Funds/Grants$15,162,696,174$15,670,741,144+$508,044,970
Fed. Recov. Funds$21,219,480$20,308,332-$911,148
Gov’t Transfers$4,341,912,342$4,336,881,789-$5,030,553
Other Funds$7,066,596,557$7,153,001,086+$86,404,529
Source: House Budget and Research Office

The amended FY 2021 budget includes $1,000 bonuses for state employees who earn under $80,000. The bonuses were a priority of Gov. Brian Kemp, who said on Wednesday, “I believe we are doing our part as state leaders to say thank you [to state employees] for all that you have done.”

HB 80 now heads to Gov. Kemp’s desk for his signature.

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