Probation, Election Bills Clear Committees

Here are a couple of quick updates on legislation we’ve covered that are working through the state Senate.

Legislation to allow individuals on probation to seek early termination of their probation was approved by the state Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. SB 105 requires that individuals on probation serve at least three years of probation and successfully meet other eligibility criteria to have their probation terminated.

Two bills changing Georgia voter laws, SB 67 and SB 89, cleared the state Senate Ethics Committee today.

SB 67 would require a voter to provide a copy of their driver’s license or other form of state-approved identification when requesting an absentee ballot.

SB 89 would create a chief election assistance officer position, appointed by the State Election Board. The chief election officer would identify poorly performing county election superintendents and report findings to the State Election Board, which could suspend an underperforming county election superintendent, although the superintendent may petition for reinstatement.

SB 105, SB 67, and SB 89 are each heading to the state Senate Rules Committee for placement on the calendar.

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