Cobb, DeKalb Sue Trump Campaign, GA-GOP Over Election Lawsuit

Cobb and DeKalb counties have filed a lawsuit that seeks payment of legal fees that the two counties incurred stemming from lawsuits filed by former President Trump’s campaign and the Georgia Republican Party, according to CNN:

DeKalb County said its legal costs to fight the “unsubstantiated and harassing claims” contained in the lawsuit amounted to $6,105.

Cobb County is seeking $10,875 in attorney’s fees, which represents “just a fraction” of the amount spent by 15 counties, the state of Georgia and other parties involved in the litigation, according to the county’s motion.

To this point, there is no credible evidence of widespread voter fraud in Georgia. The political landscape has changed in Georgia. Stop blaming others for losing an election. Accept and adapt to it, or continue to lose statewide elections.

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