A Busy Crossover Day

Without getting into a lot of detail on each individual bill that has passed, here’s a quick look at what has cleared one chamber or the other on Crossover Day.

For the uninitiated, Crossover Day is the last day of the session for legislation to pass one chamber and be transmitted to the other. If the bill doesn’t pass at least one chamber, it’s dead for the session but can be considered in the next session of the same General Assembly. Crossover Day used to happen on Day 30 of the session, but it was changed to Day 28 a while back.

SB 98: Requires the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) to take certain criteria into account when determining which projects to fund, expands the State Road and Transit Authority, and adds makes the GDOT commissioner an ex officio member of the Georgia Ports Authority.

SB 241: Eliminates no-excuse absentee voting. This comes on the heels of the state House’s passage of HB 531, which Scot detailed here.

HB 479: Reforms Georgia’s citizen’s arrest law.

Unless I’m missing something, HR 14 (replacing the Alexander Stephens statue with one of the late Rep. John Lewis) hasn’t been considered in the state House today. HB 358, which would limit the Governor’s emergency powers, and HB 270, which would create a deadline to request absentee ballots, haven’t been considered either.

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