Governor Kemp suspends Georgia’s Gas Tax amid Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack

The Peach Pundit Editorial Board (PEB) is having a lively discussion this morning about whether the ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline, which has led to a regionwide shortage of gas, is the responsibility of just a group of hacker nerds or is it an act of war. For those who were running on E in the Atlanta area over the weekend and thought to themselves, “I’ll just fill up on the way to work on Monday morning,” it is very likely the latter. Panic buying has led to many of the Atlanta metro area gas stations to go dry, giving me the wrong kind of shakes for being the wrong kind of dry.

Nonetheless, in steps the ever intrepid Governor Kemp, who has signed an executive order to temporarily suspend the gas tax in Georgia. Weirdly, the press release is not yet on the official website, but the Governor’s social media game is strong and he posted this over at the book of faces.

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Don’t click the blue “here,” that’s a picture, boomer, not a link. Don’t blame us, it’s how we got the info straight from the source.

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