State Rep Tom Kirby Will not Seek Reelection

Conservative Rockstar and limited government champion, State Representative Tom Kirby, has announced he is not seeking reelection for his 114th District seat.

His statement:

It is truly an honor to serve the people of district 114 in the Georgia House of Representatives. There has already been and continues to be a lot of discussion about the 2022 elections. Following the recent legislative session which ended on March 31st, Rosemary and I have spent hours discussing our future and my role in government and have made some decisions.

When I was first elected, I believed that approximately 10 years in the House was about right. Not that I created a self-imposed term limit, but for me, I agree with the vision our founding fathers had of citizen legislators. Either in Washington or Atlanta, go and serve, then return home. When this current term ends, I will have served 11 years in the State House.

Tonight, I am making a formal announcement that I will not be seeking re-election in 2022. I want to give those interested time to fully consider the responsibilities of being a part time legislator and full time representative for the people before qualifying to run in approximately 9 months.

I am not retiring from politics, only changing how and where I will be involved. Since it has come up in conversation, I will address 2 other offices. I will not be running for Congress for the 10th district. I will not be seeking the office of Labor Commissioner for the State of Georgia.

I want to thank the voters who have allowed me to serve. It has been an honor and let me reassure you I will not slow down between now and the end of the term. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have an issue.

Emphasis is mine. Remy the Rumor Mill had been chattering about a possible Labor Commission run for a while now. While Rep Kirby served he focused a great deal on labor law related issues and trying to create an environment where finding work in Georgia was easier. So the rumor seemed to have merit, but it no longer seems to be an option.

What is certain, the Georgia House is losing a thoughtful conservative who took his job in the legislature seriously.

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  1. Statewide office seems to be a wee bit of a stretch but he didn’t rule out a primary challenge to Governor or SOS, nor did he rule out an option to challenge Warnock.

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