Butch Is In

While I haven’t seen a presser yet, or gotten a text back, I did see this morning that Butch Miller is in the race for Lt. Governor. The campaign tag is “Georgia First, America Forever.”

So far this marks the first candidate declared for LG after Duncan announced he was not seeking re-election.

The campaign tagline is definitely a nod towards the Trumpian wing, however from what I know about Sen. Miller is that he’s not all that Trumpian. Sen. Miller is a no nonsense kinda guy that asks really good questions, both in private and in public. Personally, I think this is a good move for Sen. Miller and, should he win election, a good move for the state. He’s a business owner with a biology degree and he’s been around for long enough where he’s not really a “career politician” but he also knows where the bathrooms are in the Capitol. To cap it all off he’s also pretty good at fundraising, many thanks to his deep roots in Hall County.

I’ve got a couple of different policy preferences from the President Pro Tem but after working with him on policy issues in the past I have a great deal of respect for his decision making process. He’ll definitely be a formidable candidate in the 2022 primary.

Full disclosure, I worked with Sen. Miller when I was in the Senate Research Office in 2015 and then in his personal office in 2016. I also have a Honda from Milton Martin in Gainesville.

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