Fleming To Seek House Majority Whip

Eric the Younger told y’all earlier that Trey Kelley has stepped down as the House Majority Whip. We thank him for his service.

Remy, our Rumor Mill, has been humming ever since, but went absolutely bonkers this morning. It rattled, rolled, and belched like a step father who just finished a six pack. That got our attention. And now we know what all the fuss is about: Barry Fleming will run to replace Trey Kelley as Whip for the Majority Caucus.

Representative Fleming, as you may know, shepherded in SB 202, the most recent elections bill that the left is up in arms over and ultimately led to Fleming losing some business at his law practice. He was also integral in replacing our aging and hackable electronic voting machines with a paper ballot.

The position of Whip is one that Fleming has held before, even if a decade or so has passed since he had the job. He had given it up when he decided to try his hand at running for Congress.

Fleming is one of the most widely respected members of his own caucus, even if the left has tried to cancel him. He is known for being quick, thoughtful, respectful, and articulate.

I reached out to Representative Fleming to verify if he is running and he confirmed the rumor. So what do ya know? Remy’s record remains undefeated.

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