Prayers for the Albers Family

There was this time I wanted to do something cool for the Woodstock 4th of July Parade and was searching for ideas. I mentioned this to State Senator John Albers, (R) Roswell, and he offered to use his vintage firetruck. He nicknamed the thing Hercules, and it is a beautiful machine. It was driven by his son, Will, while we stood on top waiving our campaign signs and wishing the residents of Cherokee County a Happy Independence Day.

You may be stuck on the fact that John Albers owns a firetruck at this moment. But it is the reason that he owns one that is the genesis of this story. You see, Senator Albers is also a fireman when he isn’t running software companies or cutting waste and onerous regulations. He has a natural tendency to want to help. Some might even say, be a hero, but John would hush you if he heard you say that.

But there is no disputing that as I type this blog, John is undergoing surgery to donate one of his kidneys to Will. Hero type stuff.

And so please join me in praying for my friend and his son, a hero, and a public servant, but also a really good dad.

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