Abrams “hitting the road” but not Georgia roads.

Democratic superstar Stacey Abrams tweeted that she’s “hitting the road” to have conversations with folks on “politics, leadership, and social justice.” However, none of the initial tour stops in the crucial campaigning months of September, October, and November, are in Georgia.

From the tour website:

Tobin Entertainment presents Stacey Abrams, political leader, voting rights activist, entrepreneur, and NYTimes bestselling author, for a series of events this Fall of 2021. Each will be an evening of candid conversation and insights on politics, leadership, entrepreneurship, social justice, and being a true voice for change.  Designed around worldwide and national events and including questions from the audience and community, this conversation with Stacey Abrams will entertain, inform, and empower.

Perhaps Abrams feels confident that she can continue to delay announcing a run for Governor in Georgia. However, the longer she waits, the bigger bind she puts Georgia’s Democrats in.

I predicted some weeks ago that Abrams would not run for Governor in 2022, and not to brag, but my prediction is looking more and more accurate by the day.

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