For Everyone’s Sake, It’s Time For Herschel Walker To Get In The Game, Or Come Sit In The Stands With The Rest Of Us.

Senator Raphael Warnock is going to be very tough to defeat next November. He has a united Democratic Party behind him and all the money he could ever dream of at his disposal.

Three Republicans have put themselves out there for the right to represent the Republican Party in the looming contest against Warnock: Gary Black, Kelvin King, and Latham Saddler. Buddy Carter is waiting for Hershel Walker to decide whether he’s running or not.

Herschel Walker’s name has been bandied about for a long time now – mostly by former President Trump. Yet, there has been no formal announcement by Walker, only that famous vague tweet.

Black, King, and Saddler aren’t waiting around, and good for them. Somebody has to take on Warnock, and it can only be someone who is actually in the game.

Walker has been the subject of rather unflattering media coverage about past business and personal dealings. Erick Erickson has opined that the info came from a potential Republican rival, as opposed to Democrats. This makes sense, as Democrats have no interest in knocking out a candidate they have dirt on before he even gets in the race.

Walker’s hesitation is doing nothing to calm the fear many of us have about his potential candidacy. My concerns have absolutely nothing to do with my dislike of my alma mater’s football rival, but rather in my concern in tossing a first time candidate into a tough race against a seasoned and skilled incumbent.

We also know very little about Walker’s views on the burning issues of the day. To my knowledge, all we know of his politics is that he supports Donald Trump. That may be enough to win over Trump First Republicans, but it does nothing for movement conservatives like me.

I am not alone in my concerns about Walker. National Review reports today:

“There is a growing sense that the Herschel Walker candidacy is a vanity project for President Trump and a gold-mining expedition for a few consultants,” worried one such senior Republican strategist. “The sentiment’s very pervasive that Herschel can’t win a general. He just can’t.”

It’s also their opinion that the situation is very much out of the hands of party insiders and strategists.

“Trump’s gonna do what he’s gonna do. . . . We’re all just kind of sitting here with this pit in our stomach like, ‘Is he really gonna go through with this?’ We all know about Trump’s infatuation with Georgia, and we all know his ability to engage with the primary electorate here. If he wraps his arms around Herschel Walker, it’s going to be really tough,” the strategist said.

Herschel has been sitting on the sidelines long enough. It’s time for him to decide to get in the game, or come sit in the stands with the rest of us.

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