Peach Pundit Podcast: Trump’s Perry Rally, Proposed Congressional Maps, Buckhead City, Another Dem to Run for LG, and More

We had a lot of news in the past week, especially over the weekend. We try to pack it all in on this week’s episode of the Peach Pundit Podcast. A hefty portion of the podcast is spent discussing Donald Trump’s rally in Perry and the fallout from it. Buzz, Scot, and Jason all have separate posts about it on, so make sure you stop by to read those. We also discussed the Georgia Senate’s proposed congressional maps, the possibility of a “Buckhead City,” state Rep. Renitta Shannon’s run for lieutenant governor, the passage of the EQUAL Act passes the House, Scot’s continued unhealthy obsession with Coke Zero (there’s an underlying message here that you should hear), and the price of Walmart brand bacon and price inflation.

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