Peach Pundit Podcast: Dueling Gov Polls, Perdue Joins Ballot Lawsuit, Georgia Freedom Caucus, and More

The trio is back with a new episode of the Peach Pundit Podcast. This week, Buzz, Scot, and Jason talk about:

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One Reply to “Peach Pundit Podcast: Dueling Gov Polls, Perdue Joins Ballot Lawsuit, Georgia Freedom Caucus, and More”

  1. First let me say David Perdue is nothing but a tool for whoever pays. I will not vote for him and neither will I vote for Donald Trump. I cannot vote for any Democrat or Libertarian so if I have the opportunity I will write in an alternative. I keep saying David Perdue couldn’t even beat John Ossoff why would anyone think he could beat Stacy Abrams.

    On to the Economic news. Landing the Electric Truck plant is a win for Georgia. I also have a distaste for government (State and Local) incentives BUT.. Other states are doing the same thing and sometimes they beat Georgia. What are we to do? If we stick to the principle of government incentives are all bad we would have no economic development and likely we would loose large businesses that are currently here. What will that do to elections. Not good… and not good for the citizens.

    Ah the (un)Civil War, what an idiot… Glad he is out of office. Was the Civil Was about slavery, well yes but is was also about so many other things, States Rights, Federal Taxation, The Constitution, and on and on and on, The neat thing about my long (45 years) career in product development means I studied many ways to analyze product failures. I currently hold a Green Belt Design for Six Sigma certification. We use something I call the 4 years old analyst test. It’s really called Root Cause Analysis OR the 6 Why’s, the typical 4 year old question Why? Why? Why? If you have or had kids you’ll understand. Sometimes you’ll solve the problem in less than 6 whys and sometime more, a lot more. Apply RCA to the Civil war and there is only one conclusion. The cause was money period.. Yes just simple money, that’s it.

    No one now studies enough history to understand the context of the times and most have no clue about it. That is why the cute little phrase applied to the south is “traitors” when I hear that I know the person using it is also an Idiot. The late Shelby Foote made the statement Before the war it was always the United States “are”, after the war it was the United States “is”… it made us an is.”That’s true and if we had not fought the Civil War we would all be speaking German and Japanese now. That is also what it did. Before the war it was the individual states and after the war the Federal Government was and is now, supreme. When was slavery truly abolished? With the ratification of the 13th amendment.

    But withing in the context of these times the late Lewis Grizzard said it best..

    “I don’t care what they do to the Georgia state flag. They can put a big peach on the thing as far as I’m concerned. They can put Deion Sanders’ smiling face on it.

    And let it be known that the opponents of the flag, with its reminiscence of the Confederate banner, will bring down that flag. One way or the other, color it red, white, blue and gone. It’s politically incorrect and all the things that are deemed such have no future in this country.”

    So the Saint Andrews Cross was removed and the new/old state flag is the Stars and Bars, reissued. Big change wasn’t it.

    The South and anything to do with it is now politically incorrect. I just hope we can survive long enough before we are colored red, white, blue and gone.

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