Peach Pundit Podcast: MTG Gets Banned, Kemp Pushes Gun Rights, Cobb GOP Comes to Its Senses, Buckhead City, and More

We’re back at full strength for the first episode of the Peach Pundit Podcast in 2022. This week on the podcast, we cover:

  • MTG getting banned from Twitter and suspended from Facebook and feuding with Reps. Crenshaw and Mace
  • Kemp pushes for Constitutional Carry
  • Perdue invited media to an event in Houston County and then the organizers kicked the media out
  • Cobb County Republican Party cancels its ridiculous candlelight vigil for J6
  • Buckhead City advocate retweets white nationalist group
  • KLB leaves office stating “we are leaving [Atlanta] intact”
  • Winfred Dukes for AG Commish?
  • Secretary of State investigation into illegal ballot harvesting

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