Perdue Launches Georgia Tour Accompanied by an Incredible Invertebrate

Greg Bluestein of the AJC was kind enough to tweet some photos from Former Senator David Perdue’s quixotic campaign to challenge Brian Kemp for the GOP nomination for governor today. When I saw them, I had flash backs to the the 2020 legislative campaign for a very specific reason.

Tell me if you see what I see here:

Photo Credit: Greg Bluestein of the Atlanta Journal Constitution

Do you see it? I mean besides the small collection of people who are looking like they are waiting for their turn to get a root canal? Why yes, that is Senator Brandon Beach of Alpharetta introducing and endorsing David Perdue for Governor. Why is this note worthy? Why does it give me flash backs? Why would anyone care?

Because during his last reelection campaign, Senator Beach lied to people about receiving Governor Kemp’s endorsement:

At the time I did my best to tell people the truth, that Kemp did not endorse Beach over his challenger, now Mayor, Michael Caldwell. Senator Beach was asked to stop running this ad and he refused, doubling down and running even more ads falsely claiming the endorsement. Sadly, it wasn’t the only demonstrably false thing Beach or his campaign did during that election.

This wasn’t the first time the Senator falsely claimed endorsements. He had made TV news that he had faked endorsements from several Cherokee County elected officials back in 2016.

Beach would later be stripped of his chairmanship and relegated to the back row of his caucus, but not for the fake endorsement alone. It was his dishonesty with others about other topics that became the collective straw that broke the back of his credibility.

We received word a couple weeks ago that Senator Beach had introduced David Perdue to the Fulton County GOP. We are told that when he was questioned about it Beach denied being a Perdue supporter, instead claiming that it would be insulting to the former Senator if he visited Beach’s district and the Senator was absent. We now can add that to the very long list of dishonest statements by Senator Beach.

It takes a special kind of spinelessness to do whatever it takes to stay in office. And even though I find Senator Beach’s behavior repugnant, dishonest, and incredibly disloyal, I will pray that he repents from his evil ways and that that the Lord has mercy on him.

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