PEACH PUNDIT PODCAST England Retiring, School Choice Dead?, Herschel Mad at Kemp and Perdue, Jesus, Guns, Babies and Blaire Erskine, and more

There was so much going on that in order for all three of us to get together, we had to do a special mid-day broadcast. If you watched the live broadcast, you caught some pretty crude humor that you won’t hear in the recorded version. We apologize for nothing.

But we did discuss several things, including:

  • Russia Invading the Ukraine
  • Herschel says he’s mad at both Kemp and Perdue
  • CD 10 sees some consolidation
  • Jesus, Guns, Babies, and Blaire Erskine
  • Perdue’s ad featuring a man arrested for distributing child porn
  • Randy’ Nix’s Civil Asset Forfeiture bill
  • Stacey Abrams’s vote buying scheme
  • And why is School Choice dead in Georgia?

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