It is after 5:00 PM and that means that qualifying for election to the Georgia General Assembly has come to a close on the second day. While you will see the updated list of qualified candidates below, we some things we find interesting in a very nerdy way.

The GOP has 33 primaries while the Dems have 28. So far there are 43 General elections that will feature both a Republican and a Democrat who will square off against one another in November.

All Races
SD  1:                                    Republicans [BEN WATSON (I), ]  
SD  2:                                    Democrats [DEREK MALLOW, ]  
SD  3: GOP Primary                        Republicans [NORA LOTT HAYNES, JEFF JONES, ]  
SD  4:                                    Republicans [BILLY HICKMAN (I), ]  
SD  5:                                    Democrats [SHEIKH RAHMAN (I), ]  
SD  6: GOP Primary  Dem Primary  General  Republicans [FRED GLASS, ANGELIC MOORE, ]  Democrats [JASON ESTEVES, LUISA WAKEMAN, ]  
SD  7: GOP Primary  Dem Primary  General  Republicans [JOSH MCKAY, BILL SANDMAN, ]  Democrats [NABILAH ISLAM, BETH MOORE, ]  
SD  8:                                    Republicans [RUSS GOODMAN (I), ]  
SD  9:                                    Democrats [NIKKI MERRITT (I), ]  
SD 10:              Dem Primary           Democrats [BRUCE B. HOLMES, EMANUEL D JONES (I), ]  
SD 11:                                    Republicans [DEAN BURKE (I), ]  
SD 12:                                    Democrats [FREDDIE POWELL SIMS (I), ]  
SD 13: GOP Primary                        Republicans [ED PERRY, CARDEN H. SUMMERS (I), ]  
SD 14:                           General  Republicans [LIZ HAUSMANN, ]  Democrats [JOSH MCLAURIN, ]  
SD 15:                                    Democrats [ED HARBISON (I), ]  
SD 16:                           General  Republicans [MARTY HARBIN (I), ]  Democrats [PINGKE DUBIGNON, ]  
SD 17: GOP Primary               General  Republicans [BRETT MAULDIN, RYAN C. MILLSAP, ]  Democrats [KACY D. MORGAN, ]  
SD 18: GOP Primary                        Republicans [JOHN F. KENNEDY (I), DIANE S. VANN, ]  
SD 19:                                    Republicans [BLAKE TILLERY (I), ]  
SD 20:                                    Republicans [LARRY WALKER (I), ]  
SD 21:                                    Republicans [BRANDON BEACH (I), ]  
SD 22:                                    Democrats [HAROLD V. JONES II (I), ]  
SD 23:                                    Republicans [MAX BURNS (I), ]  
SD 24:                                    Republicans [LEE ANDERSON (I), ]  
SD 25: GOP Primary                        Republicans [LELAND "JAKE" OLINGER II, DANIELA SULLIVAN-MARZAHL, RICKY "RICK" WILLIAMS, ]  
SD 26:                                    Democrats [DAVID E. LUCAS SR (I), ]  
SD 27:                           General  Republicans [GREG DOLEZAL (I), ]  Democrats [BRENT BINION, ]  
SD 28:                                    Republicans [MATT BRASS (I), ]  
SD 29:                                    Republicans [RANDY ROBERTSON (I), ]  
SD 30:                                    Republicans [MIKE DUGAN (I), ]  
SD 31:                                    Republicans [JASON ANAVITARTE (I), ]  
SD 32:                                    Republicans [KAY KIRKPATRICK (I), ]  
SD 33:                                    Democrats [MICHAEL DOC RHETT (I), ]  
SD 34:                                    Democrats [VALENCIA M. SEAY (I), ]  
SD 35:              Dem Primary           Democrats [LULA GILLIAM, MIKE GLANTON JR, DONZELLA JAMES (I), WHITNEY KENNER JONES, ]  
SD 36:              Dem Primary  General  Republicans [BRIAN HUEFNER, ]  Democrats [NAN ORROCK (I), CHASE STELL, ]  
SD 37: GOP Primary               General  Republicans [SCOTT JOHNSON, ED SETZLER, ]  Democrats [TITUS NICHOLS, ]  
SD 38:              Dem Primary           Democrats [MICHAEL CARSON, HORACENA TATE (I), ]  
SD 39:                                    Democrats [SONYA HALPERN (I), ]  
SD 40:                                    Democrats [SALLY HARRELL (I), ]  
SD 41:                                    Democrats [KIM JACKSON (I), ]  
SD 42:                                    Democrats [ELENA PARENT (I), ]  
SD 43:                                    Democrats [TONYA P. ANDERSON (I), ]  
SD 44:                                    Democrats [GAIL DAVENPORT (I), ]  
SD 45:                                    Republicans [CLINT DIXON (I), ]  
SD 46:                                    Republicans [BILL COWSERT (I), ]  
SD 47: GOP Primary                        Republicans [CHARLIE CHASE, FRANK GINN (I), ]  
SD 48:                           General  Republicans [SHAWN STILL, ]  Democrats [JOSH UDDIN, ]  
SD 50:                                    Republicans [BO HATCHETT (I), ]  
SD 52: GOP Primary                        Republicans [CHUCK HUFSTETLER (I), DEREK KEENEY, JEFF LEWIS, ]  
SD 53: GOP Primary                        Republicans [STEVEN M HENRY, COLTON MOORE, ]  
SD 54: GOP Primary                        Republicans [DOUG KEENER, CHUCK PAYNE (I), ]  
SD 55:                                    Democrats [GLORIA S. BUTLER (I), ]  
SD 56:                                    Republicans [JOHN ALBERS (I), ]  
HD  1:                                    Republicans [MIKE CAMERON (I), ]  
HD  2:                                    Republicans [STEVE TARVIN (I), ]  
HD  3:                                    Republicans [MITCHELL  HORNER, ]  
HD  4: GOP Primary                        Republicans [KASEY CARPENTER (I), NICK VOYLES, ]  
HD  5:                                    Republicans [MATT BARTON (I), ]  
HD  6:                                    Republicans [JASON T. RIDLEY (I), ]  
HD  7:                                    Republicans [DAVID RALSTON (I), ]  
HD  8:                                    Republicans [STAN GUNTER (I), ]  
HD  9:                                    Republicans [WILL WADE (I), ]  
HD 10:                                    Republicans [VICTOR E. ANDERSON (I), ]  
HD 11:                                    Republicans [RICK JASPERSE (I), ]  
HD 12:                                    Republicans [EDDIE LUMSDEN (I), ]  
HD 14:                                    Republicans [MITCHELL SCOGGINS (I), ]  
HD 15:                                    Republicans [MATTHEW GAMBILL (I), ]  
HD 16: GOP Primary                        Republicans [TREY KELLEY (I), SCOTT RICHARDS, ]  
HD 17: GOP Primary                        Republicans [MARTIN MOMTAHAN (I), NEIL WOLIN, ]  
HD 18:                                    Republicans [TYLER PAUL SMITH (I), ]  
HD 19:                                    Republicans [JOSEPH GULLETT (I), ]  
HD 20: GOP Primary                        Republicans [CHARLICE BYRD (I), STU HIXON, LYNNE SAUNDERS, ]  
HD 21:                                    Republicans [BRAD THOMAS (I), ]  
HD 22: GOP Primary                        Republicans [DONNA KOSICKI, JORDAN RIDLEY, ]  
HD 24: GOP Primary               General  Republicans [CARTER BARRETT, SHERI SMALLWOOD GILLIGAN (I), ED SOLLY, ]  Democrats [SYDNEY WALKER, ]  
HD 25:                                    Republicans [TODD JONES (I), ]  
HD 26:                                    Republicans [LAUREN W. MCDONALD III (I), ]  
HD 27:                                    Republicans [LEE HAWKINS (I), ]  
HD 29:                                    Republicans [MATT DUBNIK (I), ]  
HD 30: GOP Primary               General  Republicans [DERRICK MCCOLLUM, WHITNEY PIMENTEL, BARRY SANDERS, ]  Democrats [KIM FLORIA, ]  
HD 31:                                    Republicans [EMORY DUNAHOO JR (I), ]  
HD 32:                                    Republicans [CHRIS ERWIN (I), ]  
HD 34:                                    Republicans [DEVAN SEABAUGH (I), ]  
HD 35:              Dem Primary           Democrats [LISA CAMPBELL, NICK MILLER, ]  
HD 36:                                    Republicans [GINNY EHRHART (I), ]  
HD 37:                                    Democrats [MARY FRANCES WILLIAMS (I), ]  
HD 38:                                    Democrats [DAVID WILKERSON (I), ]  
HD 39:                           General  Republicans [OLIVIA ANGEL, ]  Democrats [WANDA LESTERANTHONY, ]  
HD 40:              Dem Primary  General  Republicans [FUN FONG, ]  Democrats [THOMAS CASEZ, DOUG STONER, ]  
HD 42:                                    Democrats [TERI ANULEWICZ (I), ]  
HD 44:                           General  Republicans [DON L. PARSONS (I), ]  Democrats [WILLIE MAE OYOGOA, ]  
HD 45:                                    Republicans [SHARON COOPER (I), ]  
HD 46:                           General  Republicans [JOHN CARSON (I), ]  Democrats [MICHEAL GARZA, ]  
HD 47:                                    Republicans [JAN JONES (I), ]  
HD 48:                           General  Republicans [SCOTT HILTON, ]  Democrats [MARY ROBICHAUX (I), ]  
HD 49: GOP Primary                        Republicans [MICHAEL GORDON, CHARLES E. "CHUCK" MARTIN (I), ]  
HD 50: GOP Primary               General  Republicans [BETSY KRAMER, NARENDER REDDY, JILL TRAMMELL, ]  Democrats [MICHELLE AU, ]  
HD 51:              Dem Primary           Democrats [ERENDIRA BRUMLEY, ESTHER PANITCH, ]  
HD 52:                           General  Republicans [WENDY  AHRENKIEL, ]  Democrats [SHEA ROBERTS (I), ]  
HD 53:                           General  Republicans [DEBORAH SILCOX, ]  Democrats [KELLY COFFMAN, ]  
HD 54:                                    Democrats [BETSY HOLLAND (I), ]  
HD 55:              Dem Primary           Democrats [NATE GREEN, MARIE ROBINSON METZE (I), ]  
HD 56:              Dem Primary           Democrats [KEONA JONES, MESHA MAINOR (I), ]  
HD 57:                                    Democrats [STACEY EVANS (I), ]  
HD 59:                                    Democrats [PHIL OLALEYE, ]  
HD 60:              Dem Primary           Democrats [SHEILA JONES (I), STEVEN D. LEE, ]  
HD 61:              Dem Primary           Democrats [ROGER BRUCE (I), RASHAUN KEMP, MONIQUE MCCOY, ]  
HD 63:              Dem Primary           Democrats [COBIE LYRIX BROWN, KIM SCHOFIELD (I), ]  
HD 64: GOP Primary  Dem Primary  General  Republicans [SHANE MILLER, KIMBERLY R NEW, ]  Democrats [MONTENIA EDWARDS, MIGNON WILLIS, ]  
HD 65:                                    Democrats [MANDISHA A. THOMAS, ]  
HD 66:                                    Democrats [KIMBERLY ALEXANDER (I), ]  
HD 67:                           General  Republicans [MARZIYEH MARZI AMIRIZADEH, ]  Democrats [LYDIA GLAIZE, ]  
HD 68:              Dem Primary  General  Republicans [STONEY MATHIS, ]  Democrats [TISH NAGHISE, JANE WILLIAMS, ]  
HD 69:                                    Democrats [DEBRA BAZEMORE (I), ]  
HD 70: GOP Primary               General  Republicans [ANGEL NUNEZ, LYNN SMITH (I), ]  Democrats [CALVIN LOUIS ANDERSON JR, ]  
HD 71:                           General  Republicans [J. COLLINS (I), ]  Democrats [AFOMA EGUH OKAFOR, ]  
HD 72:                                    Republicans [DAVID HUDDLESTON, ]  
HD 73:                                    Republicans [JOSH BONNER (I), ]  
HD 74:              Dem Primary  General  Republicans [DAVID BALLARD, ]  Democrats [WILLIAM HARRIS, ERROL MITCHELL, ]  
HD 75:              Dem Primary           Democrats [HERMAN "DREW" ANDREWS, MIKE GLANTON (I), ]  
HD 76:                                    Democrats [SANDRA GIVENS SCOTT (I), ]  
HD 77:                                    Democrats [RHONDA BURNOUGH (I), ]  
HD 78:              Dem Primary           Democrats [DEMETRIUS DOUGLAS (I), ATTANIA JEAN-FUNNY, ]  
HD 79:                                    Democrats [YASMIN NEAL (I), ]  
HD 80:                                    Democrats [LONG TRAN, ]  
HD 81:                                    Democrats [SCOTT HOLCOMB (I), ]  
HD 82:                                    Democrats [MARY MARGARET OLIVER (I), ]  
HD 83:                                    Democrats [KAREN LUPTON, ]  
HD 84:                                    Democrats [OMARI CRAWFORD, ]  
HD 85:                                    Democrats [KARLA DRENNER (I), ]  
HD 86:              Dem Primary           Democrats [JACQUELINE ADAMS, MARVIS MCDANIEL IVEY, ]  
HD 87:                                    Democrats [VIOLA DAVIS (I), ]  
HD 88:              Dem Primary           Democrats [BILLY MITCHELL (I), GABRIELLE ROGERS, ]  
HD 89:                                    Democrats [BECKY EVANS (I), ]  
HD 91:                                    Democrats [ANGELA MOORE (I), ]  
HD 92:              Dem Primary           Democrats [DEMOINE KINNEY, RHONDA S. TAYLOR (I), ]  
HD 93:              Dem Primary           Democrats [DOREEN CARTER (I), LAKLIESHIA IZZARD, ]  
HD 94:                                    Democrats [KAREN BENNETT (I), ]  
HD 95:                                    Democrats [DAR'SHUN KENDRICK (I), ]  
HD 96:                                    Democrats [PEDRO "PETE" MARIN (I), ]  
HD 97:              Dem Primary           Democrats [RUWA ROMMAN, JT WU, ]  
HD 99:                           General  Republicans [MATT REEVES, ]  Democrats [OM DUGGAL, ]  
HD100: GOP Primary               General  Republicans [DAVID CLARK (I), BONNIE RICH (I), ]  Democrats [LOUISA SHELL JACKSON, ]  
HD101:                           General  Republicans [ZACH PROCTER, ]  Democrats [GREGG KENNARD (I), ]  
HD102:                           General  Republicans [WESLEY S. HARDING, ]  Democrats [GABE OKOYE, ]  
HD103:                                    Republicans [SOO HONG, ]  
HD104:                                    Republicans [CHUCK EFSTRATION (I), ]  
HD105:                           General  Republicans [AREFEEN CHOWDHURY, ]  Democrats [FAROOQ MUGHAL, ]  
HD106:                                    Democrats [SHELLY HUTCHINSON (I), ]  
HD107:                           General  Republicans [HAI CAO, ]  Democrats [SAM PARK (I), ]  
HD108:                           General  Republicans [JOHNNY CRIST, ]  Democrats [JASMINE CLARK (I), ]  
HD109:                                    Democrats [DEWEY L. MCCLAIN (I), ]  
HD110:                                    Democrats [SEGUN ADEYINA, ]  
HD111:                                    Republicans [REYNALDO "REY" MARTINEZ, ]  
HD112:                           General  Republicans [BRUCE WILLIAMSON (I), ]  Democrats [MALCOLM ADAMS, ]  
HD113:              Dem Primary           Democrats [BILLIE BOYD-COX, SHARON HENDERSON (I), ]  
HD114: GOP Primary                        Republicans [TIM FLEMING, WENDELL D. MCNEAL, ]  
HD115:                                    Democrats [REGINA LEWIS-WARD (I), ]  
HD116:                                    Democrats [EL-MAHDI HOLLY (I), ]  
HD117: GOP Primary                        Republicans [CLAYTON CARTE, NOELLE KAHAIAN, ]  
HD118:                           General  Republicans [CLINT CROWE (I), ]  Democrats [SHARONDA BELL, ]  
HD119: GOP Primary                        Republicans [DANNY RAMPEY, MARCUS RAY, ]  
HD120:                           General  Republicans [HOUSTON GAINES (I), ]  Democrats [MOKAH JASMINE JOHNSON, ]  
HD121:                                    Republicans [MARCUS A WIEDOWER (I), ]  
HD123:                                    Republicans [ROB LEVERETT (I), ]  
HD124:                           General  Republicans [TREY RHODES (I), ]  Democrats [KAT HOWKINS, ]  
HD125:                                    Republicans [BARRY FLEMING (I), ]  
HD126:                                    Democrats [GLORIA FRAZIER (I), ]  
HD127:                                    Republicans [MARK NEWTON (I), ]  
HD128:                                    Democrats [MACK JACKSON (I), ]  
HD129:                                    Democrats [HENRY "WAYNE" HOWARD (I), ]  
HD131:                                    Republicans [JODI LOTT (I), ]  
HD132:                                    Democrats [BRIAN L. PRINCE (I), ]  
HD133:                                    Republicans [KENNETH VANCE, ]  
HD134:                                    Democrats [ANTHONY DICKSON, ]  
HD135:                                    Republicans [BETH CAMP (I), ]  
HD136: GOP Primary                        Republicans [DAVID JENKINS (I), KENNETH MURPHY, ]  
HD137:                                    Democrats [DEBBIE G. BUCKNER (I), ]  
HD138:                                    Republicans [VANCE SMITH JR (I), ]  
HD139:                                    Republicans [RICHARD H. SMITH (I), ]  
HD141:                                    Democrats [CAROLYN HUGLEY (I), ]  
HD142:                                    Democrats [MIRIAM PARIS (I), ]  
HD143:                                    Democrats [JAMES BEVERLY (I), ]  
HD144: GOP Primary                        Republicans [JAYSON STONNE, DALE WASHBURN (I), ]  
HD145:                                    Republicans [ROBERT DICKEY (I), ]  
HD146:                                    Republicans [SHAW BLACKMON (I), ]  
HD147:                           General  Republicans [BETHANY BALLARD, ]  Democrats [ARIEL PHILLIPS, ]  
HD148:                                    Republicans [NOEL WILLIAMS JR (I), ]  
HD149: GOP Primary                        Republicans [DANNY MATHIS (I), ROBERT PRUITT (I), ]  
HD150:                                    Democrats [PATTY BENTLEY (I), ]  
HD151:                           General  Republicans [MIKE CHEOKAS (I), ]  Democrats [JOYCE BARLOW, ]  
HD152:                                    Republicans [BILL YEARTA (I), ]  
HD153:              Dem Primary  General  Republicans [TRACY TAYLOR, ]  Democrats [DEMETRIUS LOVE, DAVID SAMPSON, AL WYNN, ]  
HD154:                                    Republicans [GERALD E. GREENE (I), ]  
HD155:                                    Republicans [MATT HATCHETT (I), ]  
HD156:                                    Republicans [LEESA HAGAN (I), ]  
HD157:                                    Republicans [WILLIAM "BILL" WERKHEISER (I), ]  
HD158:                           General  Republicans [BUTCH PARRISH (I), ]  Democrats [MADELINE RYAN SMITH, ]  
HD159:                                    Republicans [JON G. BURNS (I), ]  
HD160:                                    Republicans [LEHMAN  FRANKLIN, ]  
HD161:                                    Republicans [BILL HITCHENS (I), ]  
HD162:                                    Democrats [CARL WAYNE GILLIARD (I), ]  
HD163:                                    Democrats [ANNE ALLEN WESTBROOK, ]  
HD164:                           General  Republicans [RON STEPHENS (I), ]  Democrats [FREDRICK PRAYLO, ]  
HD165:                                    Democrats [EDNA JACKSON, ]  
HD166:                                    Republicans [JESSE PETREA (I), ]  
HD167:                                    Republicans [BUDDY DELOACH (I), ]  
HD168:              Dem Primary           Democrats [MICAH SMITH, AL WILLIAMS (I), ]  
HD169:                           General  Republicans [CLAY PIRKLE (I), ]  Democrats [MICKEY BROCKINGTON, ]  
HD170:                                    Republicans [PENNY HOUSTON (I), ]  
HD171:                                    Republicans [JOE CAMPBELL (I), ]  
HD173:                                    Republicans [DARLENE TAYLOR (I), ]  
HD174:                                    Republicans [JOHN L. CORBETT (I), ]  
HD175: GOP Primary                        Republicans [BILL BLANCHARD, JOHN LAHOOD (I), ]  
HD176:                                    Republicans [JAMES BURCHETT (I), ]  
HD177:                                    Democrats [DEXTER L. SHARPER (I), ]  
HD178:                                    Republicans [CASON CARBAUGH, ]  
HD179: GOP Primary                        Republicans [BOB DUNCAN, RICK  TOWNSEND, ]  

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