Peach Pundit Podcast: School Choice And Horse Racing Are Dead (Again) , Abrams The Actor, Herschel, MTG, And Shafer Say Weird Stuff, Freddie’s A Dodger

Jason, Scot, and Buzz are back reacting to the news of the day – and there’s a lot to react to.

Other topics include:

  • School Choice is dead…again.
  • Medical Cannabis bill clears the House
  • Horse racing fails in Senate….again
  • Trump Endorses Patrick Witt for Insurance Commissioner
  • Stacey on “Woke Trek”
  • Herschel. oy vey (Gary Black’s attack video)
  • MTG’s weird anti Ukraine rant
  • Shafer and the Russian propaganda machine
  • Freddie Freeman is gone, but Matt Olson is here.
  • Jason says something nice about Marco Rubio.
  • Is Matt Ryan headed for the exit sign too?

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