An Awful Lot of MTG’s Campaign Cash Is Coming From Out of State

Who’s financing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s campaign? Californians, Texans, and Floridians

One of the near-daily knocks on Greene is that she is not particularly connected to her district, isn’t doing much of anything for constituents, and seems vastly more focused on being a political celebrity with people in other parts of the country.

Well, it turns out that a little poking around on, which tracks campaign finance data, bears this out. Where is Marjorie getting her money? To a greater extent than in Georgia, her cash is coming from California, Texas and Florida.

Here’s the breakdown:

She got $253,000 from Georgians so far this cycle.

But she’s received $328,000 from Californians thus far.

And $292,000 from Texans.

And $271,000 from Floridians.

Less than 10 percent of her money is coming from Georgia, and eight out of the top ten zip codes of her donors are not even in Georgia:

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