Peach Pundit Podcast Post Primary Wrap and Analysis

Jason and I are on Podcast Duty this week and had a lot to discuss after Tuesday’s Primary Election results. We tackle:

  • Kemp wins with 74%
  • Last minute Trump  ad that claimed you cannot support Trump if you vote for Kemp
  • Perdue vows to help Kemp even though he said that everything he said about Kemp was True 
  • Trump gets a win in Burt Jones, barely at 50.08%
  • Vernon Jones makes a run off, Mike Collins places an order for rape whistles
  • Raffensperger wins without a runoff, the Democrats have no argument to make against him
  • Other Trump candidates got roundly trounced, but that doesn’t mean Trump is not popular among Georgia Republicans
  • Abrams says Georgia is the worst state in the nation to live
  • Abrams’s campaign manager give the double bird on social media

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