Trump Posts Primary Election Blog that is Riddled with False Claims

Former President Donald Trump posted a link to an article that makes several false claims in an attempt to claim voting fraud during the May 24th Primary. The link can be found here so you can read it for yourself.

The post was written by Emerald Robinson and her bio claims her as, “an independent journalist. She served as the chief White House correspondent for Newsmax (2020-2022) and for One America News (2017-2020).”

Her very first claim, which she italicized for emphasis, is that the Trump endorsement, “is the single most powerful force in the universe of American politics.” Silly. The most powerful force in American Politics is incumbency advantage. But Ms. Robinson is a fangirl, so we will let that one slide.

She goes on to point to two polls that had Kemp at 52% before the election. I have written about how Insider Advantage’s poll was not only an outlier, but also came from a demonstrably biased organization that openly cheered for Perdue the entire campaign. Trafalgar Group also has close ties to the Trump campaign and their poll can be shown to have missed the mark as a result of bias as well. Ms. Robinson had no direct mention of multiple polls that had Kemp over 60% heading into election day voting.

She also makes a claim that is without proof and demonstrably false about how no one wins with 74%. Well, I guess except for Nathan Deal, who got over 72%. Or Sonny Perdue who got 88%. At this point I am growing tired of people not from Georgia talking out of their buttocks about Georgia Elections. They know nothing about what it is like here but want to make these salacious claims that are proven false with just a cursory look at the data. I digress…

She posted a photo of the Mike Pence event the night before the election and claimed that only 100 people showed up. I was there. She was not. That is a ridiculously low number.

The most eyebrow raising claim Ms. I’m-Not-From-Round-Here-and-it-Shows is that Patrick Witt received the same percentage of votes in 122 counties. She wrote, “Now take a look at Patrick Witt’s numbers county by county: he got the same percentage of votes in 122 out of 159 counties in Georgia. Let me repeat: the same percentage. Patrick Witt gets the same percentage in deep blue counties as he gets in deep red counties. Uniform numbers.”

I took her up on the invitation and I did look, something she clearly did not do, or she did and chose to lie to all of us. Either way, this should blow holes in her credibility on any topic from now on. I’m serious, in a just world she would have to find a new profession because that claim was such an incredible doozy.

Patrick Witt received varying vote totals from across the state. Below is a chart that breaks it down. For simplicity sake, I took the percentage of the range of a whole number, so if he received 18.03%, like he did in Gilmer County, it is grouped with his result of 18.93% from Harris County. No matter how you decide to group the results in a set of numbers as diverse as this, there is no way to get to the 122 number that What’s-her-face claims.

Number of CountiesPercentage Received
This took me 12.5 minutes of research to find.

She goes on to cite a poll where people were told of Trump’s endorsement and how it would impact the race. The problem is that there is a significant disconnect between Republican voters and the campaigns. The voter universe expanded greatly and included general election voters who do not usually participate in primaries. These people are largely ignored by campaign mailers and calls. Having run campaigns where I targeted reliable voters, I have an informed hunch that a huge number of GOP voters this time didn’t know who was endorsed by Trump down ballot.

In her closing the fangirl asks if her false claims are possible. And the answer is of course, no, they are not because, well, they are false. Something stinks about that blog.

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