Georgia Life Alliance Rejects Candidate in HD 50 Runoff.

House District 50 is an open seat and as we approach the June 21st runoff, three candidates remain standing. Democrat Michelle Au was unopposed and will face one of two Republicans. Narender Reedy and Betsy Kramer earned spots in the runoff with Kramer garnering 46% of the vote to Reedy’s 28%. One would expect Kramer to have the inside track to the nomination, but instead she finds herself embroiled in controversy.

On June 10th, the Georgia Life Alliance issued this statement, saying that Kramer was not certified pro-life by GLA and that a mailpiece she sent indicating that she was was innacurate and dishonest.

Ms. Kramer submitted her Candidate Questionnaire to GLA Committee on June 6th, at which time we informed her that we would need to conduct an interview with her due to public statements she made in the media about being pro-choice.

That interview was conducted on June 8th, upon the conclusion of which we communicated clearly that a final decision regarding her certification would not be made until the week of June 13th.

The mail piece in question, which began arriving in mailboxes on June 10th, is intended to indicate that her application status with GLA is approved when that is simply not true. Additionally, this mailer being received on June 10th would have to mean that her campaign designed and sent the mail piece before the interview ever took place.

This kind of campaign tactic is dishonest.

Since that press release, GLA notified Kramer they have rejected her application for their pro-life certification in part because:

– You stated in your questionnaire that you would have voted for the Heartbeat Bill, but you told us in your interview that you have never read the bill and were unsure how you would have voted for the bill.

– You stated in your interview that “…abortion should be rare, safe, and legal.”

– You stated in your interview that, “there are times where people need to have” access
to abortion.

– You stated in your interview that you would vote against pro-life legislation in certain

– You stated in your interview that the only reason you sought Pro-Life Certification
from GLA Committee is because your opponent was Certified Pro-Life.

The issue of abortion will likely be an important issue in the fall campaign across the country, and very likely and important issue in this particular House race. Democratic nominee Michelle Au has tweeted numerous times about her support of abortion, is endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Georgia, and rather than condemn the person arrested outside Justice Kavanaugh’s house seeking to kill him, instead makes snarky tweets at Republicans. And as you all know, the Supreme Court is likely to overturn Roe v Wade, with the decision coming at any moment.

Republicans in HD 50 shouldn’t nomination someone who doesn’t tell the truth about her position on this very important issue. Vote for Narender Reedy on June 21st.

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