The Hutchinson Affair: Damning Testimony to the January 6th Select Committee

So, I leave to enjoy the fruits of my well-stolen grift and the world goes to heaven (or hell, depending on which side you fall). I’ll have more on my thoughts about Dobbs later on, but right now I can’t stop reading about the Hutchinson testimony in front of the select committee investigating the insurrection / freedom fighting.

Let’s talk about the obvious reactions first. Nothing about DT45’s response on the poor man’s version of Twitter is all that surprising. He vehemently denied the content of what she testified to and, true to character, veered off into tangents about other items. However, nothing is particularly shocking about what he said because it’s true to character. See below.

So, there’s a lot to unpack in this one truet (TROOT, noun, a post made to social media megaphone platform Truth Social; like a tweet, but truthful). First, just asserting that she wanted to go to Mar-a-Lago as a staffer is a bit of a stretch here. In previous truets, he mentioned he didn’t even know who she was and basically couldn’t pick her out of a lineup. Then, saying here that he basically put the kaibash on her joining staff in Florida speaks to a bit of a contradiction. Again, think form – not all that surprising.

The point he does make is that there was some noticeable hearsay evidence presented. Ms. Hutchinson “heard” secondhand that DT45 lunged for the wheel of presidential limo. Is it out of character? No, I’d imagine him doing something like that. Is it likely? Not really, at least not in a realistic way. Might he have lunged to the limo window from the back to the driver is a possible scenario. However, he’s a big dude, so it’s not likely he was limber enough to really reach for the wheel.

However, the one thing to keep in mind about this testimony, though, is that it is damning because it’s speaking to character. A good bit of what Ms. Hutchinson presented to the committee wasn’t hearsay but actual experiences inside the machine of the DT45 White House. She was promoted to her role by the Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, himself. He undoubtedly put her in a position to witness a large bit of what she testified to. Moreover, that whole idea of being “true to character” comes into play because what she testified to is not surprising. The truets are a performative confirmation. He’s reactive, angry, and pissed he’s not in control of what he demands to be in control of.

There is 100% truth to the claims this committee is just performing for the public. I don’t take Nancy to be one that cares, though, because it’s not even “the public” she’s concerned about. Prior to this hearing, polling has consistently showed that more Democrats than Republicans or Independents are tuning in, so there’s a great deal of confirmation bias. However, people are reading and learning about the hearings and that makes her testimony dangerous for DT45. It also shows how ridiculously bad Kevin McCarthy is at his job by not even making an attempt to find suitable loyalists for seats on the committee. Right now, things are dicey. The orbit of supporters around Trump is sure to continue shrinking. Pelosi is repugnant, vile, out of touch – and despite all that, winning.

DT45 will continue to win in the peripheral States like Wyoming (where Liz Cheney will lose – her mom and dad are from Casper, but she’s not a Wyomingite by any real stretch. She grew up closer to the beltway than she did the prairies) and Illinois (where so many people have left that only the fringe remains chasing windmills). However, in our State? This testimony undoubtedly makes DT45’s path back to the White House difficult. Georgia is honestly near the front of setting the trends of what Republicans can accomplish with solid, conservative leadership. They said so when the number of primary Republicans doubled and they overwhelmingly selected the incumbents.

If nothing else, this testimony gets cut for commercials. Independents will see it then, and believe you me, they’ll remember why they have no interest in DT47.

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