Our Rumor Mill is Chattering About The race for GAGOP Chair

Remy, our inherited rumor mill, interrupted his post-election hibernation to let us know that he’s hearing some interesting things about the race to be Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.

But first, you may be asking why would we need a new GAGOP Chair? And we would ask you if you had been living under a rock? Our understanding is that since the current chairman is widely distrusted so badly that statewide campaigns decided to forego using the party apparatus for their Get Out the Vote efforts and built their own.

Of course we also hear that the current chair is blaming campaigns that did their own get out the vote effort for getting us into a runoff. Never mind that every statewide candidate except for one won and that pre-election polls showed a significant number of people willing to vote for both Brian Kemp and Raphael Warnock. Further. Never mind that because the GAGOP was so distrusted under its current leadership that now Governor Kemp has had to try to rescue the Herschel Walker Campaign from the lack luster efforts of the party’s chairman.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

No, we don’t have any reason to expect the current chairman to engage in any type of self-introspection. It’s not his bag, man. He prefers to blame others for failure and take credit for victories he did not help with. And his appearance on stage at a rally challenging all of our Republican incumbents has made him persona non grata within the party’s circle of elected leaders.

In a perfect world the party would be made up of activists who work together with candidates and elected officials to elect Republicans. The party would not be used to further the political ambitions of just one person. And it has been a minute since the party has behaved that way, choosing instead to try and act as a judge and jury as to the ideological purity of candidates and electeds. This has led to the disconnect between the party activists and actual Republican Voters as we have discussed on this blog.

So climb out from under that rock and realize he world can be a more perfect place than it is right now. At least when it comes to the broken relationships between the activist and voter communities.

And so Remy has given us a name of a person to watch because he is pretty sure she is going to run for Georgia GOP Chair whether David Shafer does or not: 9th District GAGOP Chair Rebecca Yardley.

A side note from your faithful Publisher of Peach Pundit; this is not an announcement by Mrs. Yardley of her intentions. While it is a rumor we are pretty sure is true, she was not available for comment when we reached out to her about this post. Remy tells us she is more interested in trying to help Herschel Walker win his runoff than launching her own campaign for GAGOP Chairman.

At any rate, the need for new leadership has never been more apparent than it is right now and it is why we are hoping the rumor is true.

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