Peach Pundit Podcast: 2022’s Top Stories

This week we decided to set the punditry aside and recap what we thought the top stories in Georgia politics were. Without any further ado, here’s what we came up with:

Buzz’s top 5:

  1. The election: Kemp’s big win and how it has made him a national figure.
  2. New Leadership in the Georgia House and Senate. RIP David Ralston.
  3. Warnock defeats Walker.
  4. Georgia GOP (the voters, not the party) show national GOP how to move past Trump.
  5. Slim US House Majority, but Election was a disappointment for the GOP.


  1. MTG Continues to embarrass Georgia.
  2. January 6th and elections investigations (Includes Fulton).
  3. 2022 midterms (Walker/Warnock).
  4. Inflation.
  5. Political realignment within the GOP.


  1. Kemp beats everybody: Abrams, Perdue, Trump, and Shafer.
  2. Death of David Ralston.
  3. Herschel’s bad candidacy/Runoffs give GOP 3rd straight los for US Senate.
  4. Ahmad Arbery’s murderers sentenced to life in prison.
  5. Fani Willis.

Give us your top stories in the comments.

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