Organized Acts of Terrorism at Cop City

I have been asked by several folks who read Peach Pundit the Blog™ about articles written by various contributors and whether I agree with them. I have never met anyone I agree with all the time. In fact, there are things I wish I had done differently, so I do not always agree with myself. Who does really?

Peach Pundit is a place that has essentially two rules for our contributors: 1. Write or speak what is true. 2. Do not defame or libel anyone.

It is rare that I have had to intervene on either of these because our contributors take that seriously. And I have heard from people who were unhappy with things written here, some by me, and I always ask, “was anything written untrue?” I had this conversation with a freshman Democrat legislator just this past Friday, but I digress.

Our contributors are given great freedom to express their personal opinions and perspectives. Each contributor possesses the intellect to defend the points they make in their posts. If you disagree, we have a comments section open for discussion, take advantage of it. You don’t even have to use your real name, Senator.

All of this to say that if you want a different perspective than mine, I would encourage you to read what Scarlet Hawk has been writing about Cop City.

As for me, I have had enough of the shenanigans related to the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center.

Last night, under the guise of innocent concert goers, at least 35 people changed into black clothing and threw Molotov cocktails, shot mortar style fireworks, and threw bricks and rocks at police officers at the site. Construction equipment was set ablaze as the same time as the hopes and dreams of those terrorists arrested at the site afterward.

And so that we all understand, here is the definition of domestic terrorism that we will operate with: Violent, criminal acts committed by individuals and/or groups to further ideological goals stemming from domestic influences, such as those of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature.

Thirty five people, largely not from Georgia, organized an effort to commit violence in an effort to intimidate locally elected officials into changing course. They are terrorists and they will not win.

In America we have a process to deal with conflicts. They involve judges and ballot boxes, not Molotov cocktails.

The citizens of Atlanta were afforded 17 hours of public comment about the creation of the training center. The voices in support of the project were few and far between as the training center was panned by the vast majority of people who spoke during those hearings. Ultimately the Atlanta City Council voted to move forward and approved it.

Often our elected officials are put in this position. They have access to far more information than the average citizen so at times their decision making process can seem to be tone deaf as a result. They then must decide whether they will push back against a seemingly unpopular idea or acquiesce to the desire of the people standing in front of them in a public hearing. It can be a lonely place to be when you find that the facts outweigh popular sentiment.

Cop City has been subjected to this American process. It started at a ballot box when the people who allowed it to progress were elected. Those elected heard from all corners, weighed the facts, and made the best decision they could with the information they had. If those citizens of Atlanta who do not like the result want to take action to fight against it, we have a process that offers at least two paths for that too. First, go back to the ballot box (not an option for many arrested last night because they ain’t from round here).

The second option is to go see a judge. Something that the terrorists arrested last night will be doing involuntarily in very short order.

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  1. Glad you mentioned the Leftist dingbat who posts her woke bilge here, who writes as if she’s paid by the word — and has forgotten that the “return” key can keep paragraphs below 300 words.

    When can we look forward to her next column, which will undoubtably argue that these out-of-state terrorists deserve the benefit of our compassion?

  2. Also:

    Why are cops not turning these anarchists into Swiss cheese, then hanging their corpses from cranes along I-85 for everyone to see?

    Kemp needs to go Kent State on those vermin.

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