I’m tired…

You know the song from Blazing Saddles that Lili Von Shtupp sings:

I’m tired
Tired of playing the game
Ain’t it a crying shame
I’m so tired
God dammit I’m exhausted!

Well, that’s how I feel being a female in the GAGOP. It’s honestly why I’ve backed off of being involved in the sh*tshow over the last 2 years because I’m tired. I’ll even admit that I’ve not been in the game as long as a lot of women just because of my age and part of me thinks “Damn Louise, you’re a wuss.” The other part of me is like, “Nah, you just value your sanity.”

Why am I tired? Because people like Kandiss Taylor and Marjorie Taylor Greene are now representatives of what Republican women in Georgia are. While I know they absolutely do not represent the mass of us, they happen to be the loudest and they have created a stereotype that the rest of us have to work constantly to separate ourselves from.

Their constant antics are just really hard to drown out.

The hard part of all of this is I really don’t want to give them the attention they so desperately seek. They honest to God (particularly evidenced by Kandiss just because of the constant attempts at running for office until she found one that stuck) just want to be relevant.

However, to some degree, the antics do need to be called out (I guess?)

Then again, the way you starve out attention seekers is you do not give them attention. I’m sure I’ll become involved again but lately, it’s been interesting watching from the sidelines. It’s sometimes hard to determine if Kandiss and MTG are part of the disease or the symptoms of the disease. What makes me sad is that these women feel the need to go so far off the reservation to either be heard or because they actually do believe that shit. At this point, I can’t even tell what is going on anymore.

MTG is our side’s AOC and I’m not happy about the fact that our side’s AOC has to be from Georgia. And Kandiss (every time I see her name I want to say Katniss like from The Hunger Games which is apropos because maybe that’s exactly what the GAGOP has turned into) is an SNL skit waiting to happen.

We have plenty of strong, conservative, and capable women in our party right here in Georgia. I could name several. They also don’t solicit votes on Alex Jones’ InfoWars or voice-over for their husband’s hip-hop albums. (I will give kudos to the production quality but the content was lame. I also watched Kandiss’ and her husband’s Facebook explainer video about Fine Tail Booty where they doubled down on the cringe and talked about booty and Jesus. It was… a lot. And that video was cringier than the Scott’s Tots episode of The Office).

And I can hear it and see it now: a Facebook live stream video where this entire blog is blasted as a RINO blog and I’m a RINO and part of the deep state… whatever. I’m just tired of being represented by loons.

The thing is, party politics kind of sucks. Yeah, it serves a function and should serve a greater grassroots function than what it has in Georgia as of late. Frankly, the GAGOP has sucked at organizing, engaging, and getting out the vote. The 9th District is the perfect example of a district that has consistently done just that. I hope Kandiss can put her rhetoric behind her and organize a strong district party like the 9th District. I hope all of the district and county parties can do so.

I hope MTG can encourage her district party to do the same. Do I have high expectations that they actually will? No. But one can hope.

Until then, I’m tired.

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