Peach Pundit to be Monetized

Hello, dear readers!

I’m excited to share some news with you today that Peach Pundit the Blog™ is now being monetized! We (all of us here) have been working hard to build an engaging and informative platform for all of you, and we believe that monetizing our site is an excellent opportunity to invest in its future.

But I want to make something clear – this doesn’t mean that we’ll be sacrificing the quality of our content. Our editorial standards remain the same, and we’ll continue to publish articles that are engaging, informative, thought provoking, and valuable to you. And if all of that fails, we will settle for entertaining you.

Instead, monetizing our site means that we’ll be able to invest in better resources, tools, and technology to improve the overall experience of our readers. We want to ensure that Peach Pundit remains a trusted and reliable source of information for all of you.

Now, I know some of you may be wondering how this will affect our contributors. I’ve got some exciting news on that front too! We’re planning to share 90% of the profits generated from the site with our writers.

Our contributors are the backbone of our platform, and we appreciate their hard work and dedication in creating content for all of you. We believe that our writers should be paid for their hard work, and we’re committed to making sure that they receive a fair share of the profits generated by the site.

Additionally, we do have a growing list of supporters who are voluntarily chipping in at We are just about breaking even on the monthly costs to create produce Peach Pundit the Podcast™ and are grateful for their willingness to financially contribute.

We’ll be sharing more details with our contributors in the coming weeks about how this will work in practice. But we want to assure you that this new chapter in Peach Pundit’s journey won’t change the quality of our content or our commitment to providing you with the best possible reading experience.

I’m thrilled to be able to invest in the future of our blog and look forward to continuing to create high-quality content for all of you. Thank you for your continued support, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!

In gratitude,


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