GOP Presidential Electors Cutting Deals?

CNN and the AJC are reporting this evening that eight of the sixteen GOP Presidential elector nominees aka the “fake electors” now have immunity deals in place in exchange for their testimony.

The news of accepted immunity deals came in a court filing by Kimberly Debrow, attorney for ten of the GOP elector nominees.

On April 4, 2023, defense counsel received a phone call from Mr. Wade “in response to” the December 14th email. Mr. Wade stated that the FCDA now wanted to convey actual immunity offers to eight of the ten jointly represented elector nominees. Defense counsel notified all ten clients about the State’s offer. Per defense counsel’s request, the FCDA sent draft immunity letters to defense counsel on April 7, 2023, and those letters were shared with the clients to whom they were directed. Additionally, defense counsel individually followed up with each client via telephone to advise about the risks and benefits of accepting the offer. Based on the details in the actual immunity offers that addressed some of counsel’s previous concerns and counsel’s current assessment of the risks and benefits of the immunity offers, all eight of the electors who were offered immunity accepted.

Two of DeBrow’s clients were not offered immunity and per the filing, will obtain other legal representation. The names of the elector nominees accepting the offer of immunity were not named, and identified only as “Electors A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and J.

The purpose of the filing was to counter the attempt by the Fulton DA’s Office to have Debrow removed as counsel for the elector nominees.

What testimony the elector nominees might provide in exchange for immunity remains to be seen. Today’s filing claims that none of the testimony incriminates other elector nominees represented by Debrow.

It seems unlikely to me that these witnesses will have any information about Trump, so the legal experts on Twitter might be disappointed. It seems to me the “higher ups” in the Georgia GOP might be in jeopardy by these immunity deals. It should be noted that GOP Chairman David Shafer is not and has not been represented by Kimberly Debrow, per today’s court filing. Thus he was not one of the two represented by Debrow not offered immunity. Also unknown is the status of the other elector nominees who have not been represented by Debrow. Perhaps some of them also have immunity deals, but that is speculation on my part.

As Matt Drudge might say…DEVELOPING.

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