Alex Johnson doesn’t want peace. He wants problems — always.

Lane wrote a good piece on the practical reason why it is unwise for GAGOP delegates to approve his (legally questionable) rule change that would give disaffected activists the authority to block candidates from the Republican Primary ballot. Jason piles on with a discussion of the actual legal considerations. No need for he to rehash here.

Instead, I want to talk about the possibility of why Alex chooses problems and why the poor people he’s manipulating will never find any sort of peace.

This is clearly personal on the part of Alex — and by personal, I mean vindictive and retributive. How can we tell? Simple: Alex refuses to actually condemn the very behavior he rants about the “paid political industry” displaying. His exact words are “it’s not my job to condemn or condone Richard Jordan’s behavior. It’s my job to advance the GRA and NFRA…” Context is needed. Richard Jordan heads up the North Metro GRA. During the most recent election, poll workers called police on him as a result of his behavior. A letter from the elections board attorney and police reports can be read here. That Alex doesn’t consider this behavior against the better interest of the organizations he leads is telling about his intentions. So is trying to equate criticism of him to Lynn Cheney’s behavior.

It’s also well-known fact that Alex Johnson himself has voted in multiple Democratic primaries in the past. His only justification has always been “I was told to do it to vote against Cynthia McKinney.” This, of course, means he voted for Hank Johnson — the same Hank Johnson that said Guam will capsize under the weight of the U.S. military. Georgia’s open primaries that allow you declare which ballot you pull at the poll means what Alex did was legal; his argument has always been, though, that just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s right.

We can sit here speculating all day about Alex’s intentions. The Honorable Former State Representative Turned Lobbyist Promoted to Editor-in-Chief Before Becoming Owner and Monetizer of Peach Pundit makes quite clear to us that we’re not to write gossip rags, so speculative missives about his intent are not at home here. However, I am free to speculate about the damage this will cause.

Alex is purposefully destroying your GOP.

The General Assembly has the constitutional authority to make changes to election laws in this state, and multiple sources have indicated that legislation is waiting – just WAITING – to completely remove the party from the qualification process altogether. Think about that for a moment. The parties collect thousands from candidates running for everything from lowly school boards to all-powerful governors. Yes, this means thousands missing from GAGOP coffers, but more importantly it means entire county party budgets wiped out overnight.

We can lament the impact this will have on election turnout – but can we? We’ve written and talked ad nauseam about how Kemp, Inc. built their own machine. The real and meaningful impact to Alex’s personal vendetta mission is that he will destroy a fabric of community building. GOP organizations, especially in rural counties, are one of the few institutions left that actually connect people to one another in a world of constant digital change. They’re hanging on by a thread as it is now.

Here is a little secret that Alex doesn’t want you to know but I am happy to admit: you are powerful without us. While Alex despises me as a “paid political industrialist,” it also doesn’t matter to people like me because he’s completely meaningless to our business model. He doesn’t help us grow, but he also doesn’t prevent us from growing. So, we ignore him – and rightly so. Those of us that do our job well consistently remind our clients how important it is to remember where you came from. It’s how we get our bills passed and our candidates elected.

That is why he is so fixated on manipulating your genuine fears of abandonment by the “politicians” in Atlanta. He wants you to believe that nobody else in Georgia cares about you like him. He desperately needs you to be afraid, angry, and vindictive. And, when he’s done with you, he’ll throw you and your local GOP organizations away. He won’t even care to pick up the litter. This makes Alex Johnson, ND, the Frost family – that entire GRA apparatus – a series of career politicians.

You know who does care about you? Many of the very elected officials he wants booted out of the party and removed from the ballot. When you see them in the grocery store, they’ll talk. They pray for you when life is hard. They laugh with you in those moments of happiness. In other words, they act as true neighbors should. The fabric of our republic is knowing neighbors are making hard decisions on your behalf and, as neighbors, you can talk to them. I won’t pretend that every decision they make is good, and I won’t try to explain away bad actors. But, that’s why we have primaries and elections. To make bad people accountable for bad decisions to as many of their neighbors as possible.

Alex’s reasons for pursuing this path are his own, but whatever they are, your interests are not what he’s concerned about.

If you’re one of the fine people reading this far into the post, remind yourself of this. You don’t need Alex. You don’t need this rule. You don’t need this blog. Frankly, you don’t need the GOP. You definitely don’t need the GRA. Rely on yourself. You’ll be just fine.

You are the sovereign. So is every single one of the 7 million plus Georgians that are eligible to vote. As an activist in the GOP, you hold a special place in protecting those that you don’t even like. While that’s hard, it’s also what makes an activist so special. You can remind your neighbors, many of who don’t consider themselves Republicans, that it’s okay to vote with us.

So long as you remind yourself of this, the politicians in Atlanta – and this includes Alex Johnson – have zero power. He knows this, and it likely terrifies him. It is why he proposed this rule to begin with.

He doesn’t want peace. He wants problems. Always.

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  1. Standing slow clap.

    I followed the YouTube link to learn more about this Jordan person. I recognized my early voting precinct. I recognized the election workers. And I recognized that lunatic with the German shorthair service dog.

    The fact that this GRA person won’t condemn such behavior is Exhibit eleventy billion why *all* Trump supporters are irredeemable filth.

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