Peach Pundit to Host GAGOP Chair Debate

We are in intramural season in Georgia Republican Party Politics and so it is time that we get a full understanding where the candidates seeking to be the next Chairman of the GAGOP stand on the challenges facing the party.

The party ultimately is of the people and it is with that in mind that we would like to hear what kinds of questions you would like for us to ask the candidates during the debate. You can sign in and leave your question as a comment below, or if you choose, you can send them to us at

We plan on recording the debate in the evening of Wednesday, May 17th and the audio version will be distributed as normal and will be available wherever you listen to your podcasts. We will also post the video version on YouTube shortly after.

Our Patreons at the Supporter level will have access to watch the event live and will be able to use the backstage chat feature to interact with one another. If you are interested in signing up for this, please do so before 4:00PM on May 17th by clicking here.

Anytime anyone decides to enter the arena, we all should be grateful. And we certainly are grateful to the candidates who have chosen to participate so that we all will be more informed when it is time to cast a ballot in Columbus this June.

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  1. 1. Do you categorically reject violence as a means to contest election results?

    2. Is Joe Biden the legitimately elected president? If no, what evidence do you have?

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